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Sending mail to an Inmate

Use this address when sending correspondence and parcels to inmates confined at this facility. Inmate funds may also be sent directly to this address.

P.O. BOX 1600

Inmate Email

To send an email message to a prisoner you must follow an exact process to ensure that the email message gets to the inmate.
TRULINCS – Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System

Federal inmates are allowed to email letters only to persons that are on their approved contact list. A prisoner has to make a formal request to receive and send emails with a person by placing them into their contact list.

All email correspondence is monitored. prisoners give their consent to being monitored when they join the program. Family and friends of the inmate must consent to being monitored when they agree to correspondence with the prisoner and are reminded every time that they get an email message from the prisoner.

When a contact is added to an inmates contact list you will get an email notification which sends them to the CorrLink system at

CorrLink Inmate Email System

Email messages must not endanger the public or the security, safety, or operation of the prison facility. Also, the emails should not exceed 13,000 characters. Emails that are not consistent with these rules will not get delivered.

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