CI NE Ohio Corr Ctr Visitation

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Visitation Schedule:
US Marshals Inmates: Thursday, Friday and Saturday – 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Bureau of Prisons Inmates: Sunday and Monday – 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday – 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Visitation Rules:
• Visitors are expected to be fully dressed in appropriate conventional clothing that is not unduly provocative, suggestive, or revealing.
• NO clothing with gang or obscene or distracting messages, shapes or design.
• NO camouflage or clothing that resembles security uniforms.
• NO clothing made of sheer, transparent, net or mesh materials.
• NO clothing designed or intended to be tightly worn to accent the body, e.g., spandex, leggings, jeans, tank tops, body suits, etc. Capri pants must come down to the low calf.
• NO dresses, skirts, jumpers, culottes – more than two (2) inches above the knee while seated. This also applies to slit dresses in that the slit cannot exceed two (2) inches above the knee while seated.
• NO shorts.
• NO coats, jackets, topcoats, raincoats or other outer garments.
• NO hats or headgear – except as religiously recognized.
• NO clothing that unduly exposes the stomach, back, shoulders, chest, e.g. exposed cleavage, midriff or underarms.
• Footwear must be appropriate.
• No cell phones are permitted in the lobby area. They must be kept in visitor’s vehicles.
• Any item deemed inappropriate will not be allowed at the discretion of the visitation staff, visitation supervisor, and/or shift supervisor.
• No smoking in the institution.
• Inmates and their visitors may not engage in sexual contact or other behavior which disrupts the orderly operation of the visiting room or would offend others.
• Visitors may purchase sodas and food items from the vending machines provided in the visiting room.
• Visitors will not be allowed to bring anything into the visiting room (unless otherwise specified in this section) except for up to $20.00 in change for use in the vending machines. At no time are you allowed to handle or possess money. All other property must be taken to the visitors’ vehicle.
• You and your visitors are responsible for supervising your children at all times.
• Any items of jewelry worn by the visitor on the visit must be declared and inspected by the Lobby Officer prior to admission to the Visiting Room.
• No child diaper bags are allowed in the visiting room. Five diapers, a plastic bottle and a pacifier will be permitted in the visiting room.
• Visitors will be allowed to use the restroom in the visiting room during visits.
• Parents must maintain control and supervision of children at all times; children may not climb on chairs or run throughout room.
• Female visitors are allowed to bring a reasonable amount of personal hygiene items into the visiting room.

Identification of Visitors: Identification is required for all visitors 18 years and older. Children must be accompanied by an adult with a proper ID. Proper I.D. includes the following: • Law Enforcement Identification Card, with a current photo, signature and agency seal • Valid State Driver’s License, with current photo. • Current Passport, Alien/Resident/Registration Card, if an alien. • State/Federal Identification with current photo.

Birth certificates are not considered proper identification. Persons without proper identification will not be permitted to visit.

Identification that is questionable by appearance, i.e., forged, altered, or otherwise insufficient to provide the Front Lobby Officer with positive and unquestionable identification will be referred to the Shift Supervisor. It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify approved visitors of the visiting regulations. Attorneys must have bar card.

Visitors may be asked to submit to a search. Female visitors will only be allowed to carry a small clear plastic purse into the visiting room. These purses, along with attorney briefcases or other approved items will be searched. Lockers are provided for visitor usage in the front lobby.

• No items may be exchanged in the visiting room without prior approval by the appropriate staff member.
• Pagers and/or cell phone and/or camera or any type of electronic device are prohibited in the visiting room.

I-80 exit 218/15 to ramp, take I-80 ramp, continue to exit on ramp at exit 224B to I-680 S, continue to ramp exit at 6B to US-62 E (OH-7N), take US-62 (OH-7N) ramp, continue onto US-62 E (OH-7N). Turn left into Northeast Ohio Correctional Center.

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    September 4, 2012 11:51 pm

    I would like an application for visiting an inmate in your facility

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