FCI Allenwood Low Educational Programs

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In accordance with Federal Bureau of Prisons Program Statement 5350.28, effective December 1, 2003, an inmate confined to a Federal Institution, who does not have a verified high school diploma and/or GED, must attend literacy classes for a minimum of 240 hours or until a GED is achieved, whichever comes first. A $25.00 program completion award is credited to each student’s commissary account upon successful completion of the GED Exam after being enrolled for a minimum of 30 days. A $10.00 completion award is credited to each student’s account upon successful completion of the TABE Exam after being enrolled for a minimum of 30 days. The maximum allowable amount is $25.00. Monetary awards are contingent upon an acceptable financial responsibility status.


The Violent Crime Control Law Enforcement Act (VCCLEA) mandates that inmates with a date of offense on or after September 13, 1994, but before April 26, 1996, lacking a high school credential, must participate in and make satisfactory progress towards attainment of a General Education Development (GED) credential in order to vest earned Good Conduct Time (GCT). The Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) provides that in determining GCT awards, the Bureau of Prisons will consider whether an inmate with a date of offense on or after April 26, 1996, has earned or is making satisfactory progress towards attainment of a GED credential.


TABE/SABE tests are administered to those inmates who do not have a GED Certificate or high school diploma shortly after their arrival at L.S.C.I. Allenwood. The TABE test (English) and SABE test (Spanish) measures academic achievement in Math, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Language.


The Crime Control Act of 1990 requires that all non-English speaking federal prisoners participate in an ESL Program. In accordance with Program Statement 5350.24, ESL Classes are mandatory for all federal prisoners who have limited English proficiency skills. Pre-Trial inmates, all study and observation cases, excludable aliens and sentenced aliens with an I.N.S. Deportation Detainer are exempt from mandatory enrollment. Certificates and $25, credited to the student’s commissary account, are awarded for successful completion. Students are required to pass a standardized multiple choice test to demonstrate proficiency in English equivalent to the eighth grade.


VT (Vocational Training), ACE (Adult Continuing Education), College/Correspondence Courses, Parenting, and Job Search Skills are non-mandatory programs offered through the Education Department. Culinary Arts VT, Office Automation VT, Cook Apprenticeship, and Housekeeping Apprenticeship are also available. The Education Department also offers a well stocked Employment Resource Center to assist inmates with seeking and maintaining employment upon release. Contact an Education Department staff member for more information regarding these programs.


The Law/Leisure Library is located in the Education Department. All required legal books and policies are provided. Typewriters are provided; however, inmates must purchase typewriter ribbons and correction ribbons from Commissary. Manual typewriters are provided for inmates who do not purchase ribbons from Commissary. A copy machine is located in the Law Library for inmate use. Copies are purchased at a cost of .15 cents per page. Inmates must have funds added to their Commissary cards through the Trust Fund Department staff in order to use the copy machines. The library is open from 7:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. , 11:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m., and 4:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The library is also open from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., on Saturday. Note: The staff of the Education Department will provide guidance to all inmates seeking assistance. All inmates are encouraged to enroll in a course of study appropriate to their needs. Please remember to use your time wisely and never hesitate to seek help. Educational opportunities are made available for your benefit and self-improvement.

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