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Federal Prison Industires

The Corporation – Federal Prisons Industries, Inc. is a wholly owned government corporation established in 1934, under an Act of Congress and an Executive Order. In 1978, Federal Prison Industries, Inc. adopted the trade name UNICOR, under which it does most of its business. The corporation is administered by a Board of Directors appointed by the President to serve without compensation. The board represents Industry, Labor, Agriculture, Retailers, and consumers, the Department of Defense, and the Attorney General.

The chief function of this self-supporting corporation is to provide training and employment for inmates confined in Federal Penal and Correctional Institutions. A substantial part of the earnings of the corporation are expended in carrying out vocational training and general education programs, under which more than half of the inmates receive training. The articles produced in the industries operated at these institutions are made in strict conformance with Federal or other applicable specifications. The corporation strives to produce quality products at competitive prices with timely delivery. Sales are restricted, by law, to departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

UNICOR LSCI, Allenwood

UNICOR LSCI Allenwood consists of a Dimensional Mill. Listed below are some of the functions needed to support the industrial operations:

  • Assembly
  • Clerical/Office
  • Machine Floor
  • Sanding* Quality Assurance
  • Shipping

Industrial Pay

Current ( as of October 2011) UNICOR inmate pay rates are as follows:

P $10.12 $1.35 $2.50
1 8.62 1.15 2.30
2 6.90 .92 1.84
3 5.17 .69 1.38
4 3.45 .46 .92
5 1.72 .23 .46

At LSCI, Allenwood, emphasis is placed on Literacy classes and the General Equivalency Diploma (GED). UNICOR supports the inmate’s effort to participate in the Literacy and GED Programs as an incentive for a better wage scale. With a high school diploma or a GED, wages are paid to a grade 1 level; without a GED or high school diploma to a grade 4 level.

Hiring Procedures

UNICOR provides inmates confined in Bureau of Prisons institutions with an opportunity to obtain an industrial work assignment. The industry waiting list is maintained by the Factory Manager. The request must be made through the unit staff. UNICOR is an Equal Opportunity Employer and may not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, age, handicap, or political benefits in offering employment and promotion opportunities.


Inmates employed with UNICOR at another institution who have been transferred to LSCI, Allenwood for other than disciplinary reasons, will be given hiring priority. If a vacancy exists, the inmate shall be placed at the top of the Industry Waiting List. Pay Grade 4 will be the entry level.  However, consideration will be given for accelerated promotion as quickly as possible to the inmate’s former grade level after the required demonstration period (usually 30 to 60 days).


Once hired, the Associate Warden of Industries AW(I&E) or his/her designee has the authority to make specific job assignments, and to promote or demote inmates. A probationary period is not required for an industrial worker. Promotions in grade 4 through 1 require a minimum of 90 days in grade before becoming eligible for promotions. Staff may promote any inmate to a higher grade work assignment when the inmate’s abilities, qualifications, and work performance are consistent with good promotion practices, and when a vacancy exists. NOTE: Workers must present proof of a High School Diploma or GED prior to promotion to a Grade 1 or P Grade.

Work Performance

The Factory Manager may declare an inmate ineligible for any or all benefits connected with the inmate’s unsatisfactory work performance for the month in which such actions occur. The Factory Manager may not independently declare ineligibility as a result of inmate misconduct. Actions of this nature must be handled under disciplinary procedures. The Factory Manager may recommend such actions to the inmate’s Unit Discipline Committee.

Health and Safety

Report all accidents to your immediate supervisor regardless of how small they are. Never operate machines or hand tools which you have not been trained to use.  Steel toe shoes are required in all areas of UNICOR. The use of eye and ear protection and protective clothing are also required in some areas of the factory. Failure to use and/or follow these safety regulations could result in removal from UNICOR.

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