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Personal Property Limits

Items which may be retained by an inmate are limited for sanitation and security reasons. Also, limitations ensure that excess personal property does not constitute a fire hazard or impair staff searches of the living areas.

Personal Property Items Permitted in General Population

W = White
G = Grey
B = Black
BW = Combination
C = Commissary Only

Address Book C (1)
Alarm Clock (non-electric) C (1)
Bag, Athletic Tote C (1)
Batteries C (4) (excludes batteries actually being used in equipment)
Books (hard/soft) (5)
Book/Reading Light C (1)
Bowl (plastic/24 oz or less) C (1)
Calculator, Small (electronically unsophisticated, inexpensive, non-print feature/battery or solar operated) C (1)
Calendar, Small (1)
Comb/Pick (plastic) C (2)
Combination Lock C (1)
Shaving Bag C (1)
Cup (plastic) C (1)
Dentures (1 set)
Earplugs C (1 set)
Envelopes C (1 box)
Eyeglasses (2 pair)
Eyeglass Case (2)
Hairbrush C (1)
Hangers (plastic) C (5)
Headphones C (1)
Jug (plastic/1 gal) C (1)
Laundry Bag (mesh) C (1)
Letters (25)
Magazines (3)
Mirror (small/plastic) C (1)
Newspapers (3)
Pen, Ballpoint C (2)
Pencils C (2)
Photo Album/Scrapbook C (1)
Photos (single-faced) (25) (loose photos)
Picture Frame (clear plastic) C (2)
Plastic Flatware C
Playing Cards C (2 decks)
Radio w/earplugs (walkman-type) C (1)
Spoon and Fork (plastic) C
Stamps C (total value equivalent to 60 1st Class stamps)
Sunglasses (non-reflective) C (1)
Thermos (plastic liner) C (1)
Towel (white/large) C (1)
Wallet (small) C (1)
Watch ($100 maximum value, electronically unsophisticated, i.e. inability to send signals) C (1)
Watchband C (1)
Wedding Band (no stones/white/yellow metal) (1)
Dental Floss and/or Pick (unwaxed) C (1 container)
Denture Adhesive C (1)
Denture Brush C (1)
Denture Cleaner/Powder C (1)
Denture Cup C (1)
Deodorant C (2)
Lens Cloth C (1)
Nail Clippers (no file) C (1)
Razor, Disposable C (1)
Scissors, Mustache (blunt tip) C (1)
Sewing Kit C (1)
Soap, Bar C (2) (unopened), (opened) C (1)
Soap Dish C (1)
Toothbrush C (1)
Toothbrush Holder C (1)
Toothpaste C (2 tubes)
Tweezers (blunt tip) C (1)
Bathrobe, W, G (no hoods C (1)
Cap, Baseball, W, G (no logos) C (1)
Shoes, Athletic, W, B, BW ($100 value/no pumps/no pockets) C (1 pr)
Shoes, Specialty, W, B, BW ($100 value/no pumps/no pockets) court, turf, running shoe C
Shoes, Casual C(1 pr)
Shoes, Shower, W, G, C (1 pr)
Shoes, Slippers (colorless) C (1 pr)
Shoes, Work C
Shorts, Gym, W, G, C (2)
Socks, Tube, W, C (5)
Sweatshirt, G, C (pullover/no hoods/cotton)(2)(no logos)
Sweat pants, G, C (cotton) (2) (no logos)
T-Shirts/Sleeveless Undershirts, W, G, C (no pockets/no logos)(5)
Underwear, W (boxers or briefs) C (7)
Handkerchief, (white only), (5)
Athletic Supporter C (2)
Eye Protection C (1)
Eyeglass Strap (1)
Gloves (fingerless/athletic) C (1)
Gloves (handball) C (2)
Harmonica C (1)
Headbands/Sweatbands (white) C (2)
Knee Wraps C (2)
Knitting/Crochet Needles C (4)
Plastic Mouthpiece (1)
Racquetballs (2 cans of 2) C (4)
Softball Gloves C (1)
Tennis Balls (can of 3) C (1)
Tools for Bead Work C (1)
Weight lifting Belt C (1)
Weight lifting Gloves C (1)
Weight lifting Wraps C (2)
Yarn (12 skeins) C
Yarn, Embroidery, Hoops/Needles C (1 set)
Medal or Medallion w/necklace, religious C (1)
Headgear, religious, C (3)
Phylactery C (1)
Prayer Beads
Prayer Oil
Prayer Rugs
Prayer Shawl C (1)
Religious Study Material
Robe, W (1)
Small Religious Picture no larger than 3″ x 5″ C (1)
MEDICAL DEVICES: (need HSA approval)
Hearing Aids
Chocolate (instant)C (10 packets)
Coffee (instant/jar/container, unopened) C (1), (unopened) C (1)
Coffeemate (jar/container, unopened) C (1),(opened)C (1)
Tea (instant/jar/container, unopened) C (1)

Storage Space

Storage space will be limited to one locker per inmate. Lock may be purchased in the institution Commissary. All Inmate Personal Property will be stored in the inmate’s locker. Shoes must be stored under the bed. No other items are authorized to be stored under the bed. Inmates will not accumulate materials that pose a fire, sanitation, safety, or security hazard.


Civilian clothing of any type, except athletic apparel, is not authorized at FCI Allenwood. Altered institution clothing is contraband. Altered clothing will be confiscated and an Incident Report written. An inmate possessing altered institution clothing may be required by the Discipline Hearing Officer (DHO) to reimburse the government for the cost of the altered clothing.

Special Purchase Items

Special purchase items will be authorized provided they can be stored in your storage area.

Legal Materials

You are allowed to maintain legal materials and supplies; however, these materials should be stored with your personal property in your locker. Legal material which does not fit in the personal locker requires written approval from the Unit Manager after consultation with the institution Attorney.

Implementation of Court Security Improvement Act

Contraband includes Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Lien Documents and Personal Information of Law Enforcement Officers and Covered Persons:

The Court Security Improvement Act of 2007 added two new provisions to the Federal Criminal Code. Title 18 U.S.C. §1521 established a criminal offense for filing, attempting to file, or conspiring to file, a false lien or encumbrance against the real or personal property of a Federal Judge or Federal law enforcement officer. Title 18 U.S.C. §119 established a criminal offense for making publicly available “restricted personal information” about a “covered individual” with the intent to threaten, intimidate, or incite a crime of violence against such persons, which includes court officers, jurors, witnesses, informants, and Federal law enforcement officers. For purposes of each of these provisions, Bureau of Prisons staff are covered by the Act. When this Act was first enacted, a notice was posted to the inmate population. Additional implementation is required to deter criminal violations of these statutes. Documents which can be used to cause violations of these criminal statutes are contraband and will not be authorized for possession.

All inmates are prohibited from obtaining or possessing UCC financing statements and similar forms. All inmates are also prohibited from obtaining or possessing any documents which contain unauthorized personal information, including, but not limited to, home address, home telephone number, social security number, personal email, or home fax number of any jurors, witnesses, informants, or of any federal official, including, but not limited to, Bureau of Prisons staff, United States Attorneys, Assistant United States Attorneys, Judges, and other Federal agents. Possession of personal information about immediate family members of a covered person is also prohibited. If you are found to be in possession of these types of documents or information, the items will be confiscated. You will be subject to inmate discipline and your case may be referred for possible prosecution. You may use the administrative remedy process to challenge the confiscation or rejection of such materials.

Hobby Craft Materials

Hobby craft supplies will normally be obtained through the Commissary. Completed hobby craft items must be mailed out of the institution upon completion and according to the recreation mail-out date and time at the inmate’s expense. All hobby craft participants must be registered to use the authorized mailing procedures facilitated through recreation only.

Commissary Items

The total value of accumulated commissary items (excluding special purchases) will be limited to the monthly spending limitation ($290.00).

Food Storage

Food items that are left open create a health hazard. These items must be properly sealed at all times. Empty jars may not be used as drinking containers and are to be thrown away. Inmates must dispose of any spoiled food items.

Correspondenc and Reading Materials

Inmates may possess up to three newspapers, five soft or hardback books, and three magazines. This includes religious, legal, and educational subjects. Current correspondence and Education Department materials may also be present. The inmate must have a memorandum from the Education Department certifying the need for these materials and stating the period of time they will be in his possession. All items will be maintained in the inmate’s locker. Nothing is to be tacked, stapled, or taped to any wall surface.

Sports and Musical Equipment

A softball glove, batting glove, and weight lifting belt may be maintained in the housing unit. One (1) mouthpiece, and a musical instrument may be purchased and maintained in the inmate’s possession.

Radios and Watches

An inmate may not own or possess more than one approved radio and/or watch at any one time. Proof of ownership through appropriate property receipts will be required. Radios and watches may not have a value exceeding $100. Radios with a tape recorder and/or tape player are not authorized. Radios and watches will be inscribed with the inmate’s Register Number. Only walkman-type radios are permitted, and headphones are required at all times. You may not give any items of value to another inmate.


Inmates may possess one religious medallion with a value of less than $100. Necklaces without medallions are not permitted. Earrings are prohibited. Only wedding bands without stones are permitted.

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