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Inmate Recreation Programs

Our policies and operating procedures are outlined and explained in these documents. These documents are available for review in the Institution Supplement, Recreation Programs ALX5370.10B and posted operating procedural memoranda in Recreation.

The Recreation Department at FCI Allenwood, strives to provide a variety ofleisure time activities, programs, and services for the inmate population. Our recreation program is designated to assist incarcerated individuals with gaining physical, emotional and educational development. We strongly encourage all inmates to participate in any authorized activities which provides a positive institutional accepted outlet. All incarcerated inmates will be assured a safe and comfortable recreation environment. It is our goal to actively involve as many inmates as possible with positive rewarding programsby means of sharing time, space, equipment, and facilities.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

Recreation consists of both indoor and outdoor activity areas:

1. Gymnasium
2. Equipment room
3. Fitness room
4. Game area
5. Ceramic room
6. Art & Leather room
7. Music band room
8. Wellness Resource Room
9. Ceramic kiln room
10. T.V. (2) area
11. Video & C.D. room
12. Piano & music practice room
13. Horseshoe pits (2)
1. Softball fields (2)
2. Flag football field
3. Soccer field
4. Sand volleyball pit
5. Fitness stations (6)
6. Handball/Racquetball courts (4)
7. Circular track
8. Walking path
9. Basketball courts (3)
10. Pavilion area (Table seating)
11. Courtyard (card playing seating area)
12. Boccie ball courts (2)

Participation Rules and Regulations

The Recreation Department will post rules and regulations (or other memoranda) designed to regulate participation in any activity conducted in any indoor or outdoor recreational area.

  • A. There is no smoking allowed in the recreation area.
  • B. Sneakers must be worn during athletic activities in the gymnasium. Shirts must be worn at all times in recreation buildings & courtyard area.
  • C. Inmates are responsible to recognize and adhere to the various restricted areas in recreation. All “Out of Bounds Areas” are color coded yellow.
  • D. Inmates are not authorized to be within 15 feet of the perimeter fence.
  • E. No food items are allowed in the recreation area.
  • F. Inmates must have their own ID Card to sign-out recreation equipment.
  • G. All inmates must be issued and present a recreation pass upon entering recreation (Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.).

The failure of any inmate to conduct himself in conformity with posted rules,regulations, or memoranda may result in exclusion from the activity and/ordisciplinary action.

Use of Inmate Assistants

The Recreation Department promotes and encourages the use of inmate assistants for the purpose of maintaining and/or developing recreation programs and activities. In this regard, announcements outlining opportunities and/or requesting assistants are generated on an ongoing basis. Any inmate must submit a cop-out indicating his interest in a specific program. Training and instruction will be provided. Opportunities exist for program assistants in a variety of recreational activities including, but not limited to, class leaders for arts, crafts, music, or cultural activities;sports officiating and coaching; activity coordinators, and fitness/wellness instructors. Inmates that successfully complete the requirements as a recreation inmate assistant can be recommended for achievement pay through the Inmate Performance Pay System.

Awards & Prizes

Periodically, awards and prizes such as certificates, photos, and perishable food items will be given to inmates who win holiday events, sports league championships, and/or receive incentive pay as instructors or sports officials in recreation activities/programs. These items may be kept in the inmates housing cell, but must meet standards concerning safety and sanitation.

Hobby Craft

Hobby Craft Programs encompass ceramics, painting, drawing art, leather craft, and knitting. Interested inmates must submit a cop-out, to the Recreation Staff. The inmate will then be placed on a waiting list.Participation in the Hobby Craft Program will be limited, based on storage capabilities in the hobby shop. Inmates must obtain approval from the Recreation Supervisor or recreation staff in charge of the hobby shop operation to purchase supplies. Also, all projects must be approved by the recreation staff in charge of hobby crafts prior to starting of the project. All authorized projects which have been completed must be mailed home at the inmate’s expense. Completed projects will not be stored in any housing unit. Contact the Recreation Supervisor formore information regarding hobby shop hours of operation.

Musical Instruments

Various musical instruments have been purchased with institution funds. These instruments are available in the recreation area and cannot be removed from that area. If an inmate desires to use any instrument,he will be required to present his ID Card to sign out one musical instrument at a time. Negligent use of or deliberate destruction of instruments will affect each inmate who utilizes the music area. Willful destruction of any instrument will result in disciplinary action.

Recreational, Leisure and Social Programs

Leisure activities and recreation programs are also supervised by the Education Department. These programs are designed to help inmates develop an individual wellness and fitness concept. Programs include indoor and outdoor activities ranging from individualized arts and crafts programs to intramural team sports, such as softball,basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Physical fitness and weight reduction programs are also important activities for inmate participants and contribute to good mental health, good interpersonal relations, and stress reduction. In addition, inmates learn to use their free time constructively.

Pre-Release Programming

The Pre-Release Program is designed to assist inmates in preparing themselves for release. This program offers classes and informational seminars concerning the personal, social, and legal responsibilities of civilian life.

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