FCI Allenwood Medium Religious Programs

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FCI Allenwood offers a wide range of religious programs to inmates. A staff Chaplain is available, as well as, contract and volunteer representatives of other faiths for counseling and consultation. A schedule of religious programming can be found in each housing unit and in the Chapel. Scheduling of services is based on need and available resources. Services are open to all inmates.

The institution has a religious dietary program made up of two components:

  1. the Certified Processed Food Line, and
  2. the “No Meat” entre.

Information about this Religious Diet Program is available from the Chaplain.

The Religious Services Department offers a wide variety of literature, andaudio and visual tapes for your use. A Life Connection (Faith Based Pre-Release) Class is also available for inmates. Information about these programs are available in the A&O Program and from the Chaplain.

A list of the authorized religious holidays and ceremonial meal dates are posted on the chapel bulletin board. Please see it for the deadlines to participate in these special religious events.

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