FCI Allenwood Medium Visitation

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Directions to FCI Allenwood

From the New York City area; from the George Washington Bridge take Interstate 80 to exit 210B (Route 15) in Pennsylvania, Rt 15 North to the complex.

From Washington, DC; take Interstate 70 West out of DC to Rt 15 North to the complex.

From Philadelphia; take the turnpike West to Rt 15, take Route 15 North to the complex.

From Points West; get on Interstate 80 East, take exit 210B (Rt 15) North to the complex.

There is no local bus transportation to the institution. Visitors are encouraged to use personal vehicles or rent vehicles when visiting the institution. Visitors’ vehicles are subject to search.


You are encouraged to have visits in order to maintain family and community ties.

Visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Friday, Saturday,Sundays, and federal holidays. You are expected to advise your prospective visitors of these times and days.

The number of visitors an inmate may visit is limited to five. Children who are two years of age and under will not be included in the total of five visitors. Each child over the age of two will be considered as one of five authorized visitors.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian. Children over the age of 16 must have a valid picture identification.Visiting will be limited to five days per month for each inmate.

Each day, either a full or partial day of visiting will be counted as a full day.

You are to submit a Visiting List to your Correctional Counselor for approval. Members of the immediate family (wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters) will ordinarily be placed on the Approved Visiting List automatically upon receipt of an inmate initiated request when he arrives at the institution. A common-law spouse will usually be treated as an immediate family member, if the common-law relationship has previously been established in a state which recognizes such a status.

Other relatives and friends may be approved after certain checks are made. Requests for approval for these additional visitors should be made to the Correctional Counselor.

All visits will begin and end in the Visiting Room. One kiss or embrace, in good taste, are allowed upon arrival and departure. Physical contact beyond these parameters will result in disciplinary action.

You must be dressed in institution khaki pants and shirt in order to be admitted to the Visiting Room. Clothing must be neat and clean. Articles that may be taken into the Visiting Room are limited to a comb, wedding band, prescription eyeglasses, handkerchief, and religious medal.

Ion Spectrometry Drug Testing of Male Visitors

All inmate visitors will be subjected to Random Drug Testing with the ION Spectometry Machine. An ION Spectometry Device tests for exposure to illegal substances.

If a visitor tests positive for the presenceof an illegal substance, the visitor will be denied entry into the institution that day. A first occurrence for a positive ION Test would result in the visitor being temporarily suspended for 48 hours. A second occurrence would result in the visitor being temporarily suspended for 30 days. A third occurrence would result in the visitor being temporarily suspended for 90 days. A fourth and subsequent occurrences would result in the visitor being temporarily suspendedfor 180 days.

FCI Allenwood Visiting Room Dress Code

Visitors are not permitted to wear the following: opened toed shoes, opened back shoes, beige or khaki pants, grey sweatshirts, grey sweat pants, any type of shorts, hooded sweatshirts, sleeveless shirts or blouses, backless shirts or blouses, low cut shirts orblouses, low cut pants, shirts or blouses allowing midriff exposures or see through, no stretch pants, no shear clothing and camouflage clothing.

Skirts, and dresses are not allowed to be more than 1″ above the knee, this includes the slit in dresses and skirts.

The dress code applies to adults and children visitors.

The Front Desk Officer reserves the right to determine if clothing attire is unacceptable to enter the Visiting Room. Your visitor will not be permitted to enter the Visiting Room if they do not adhere to the dress code. Visitors wearing unacceptable clothing, may depart the institutional grounds to change into appropriate attire. Visitors are not permitted to change clothing in the visitors’ restrooms.

Visitors should refrain from wearing clothing with metal affixed in it. This could prevent them from clearing thewalk through metal detector.Visitors are subject to random pat searches. Under certain circumstances, visitors may be asked to submit to a “visual” search as a pre-requisite to a visit.

All visitors will be screened with a metal detector and their personal items will be searched. All visitors must clear the metal detector prior to entering the Visiting Room.

Visitors should refrain from wearing clothing that would set off the metal detector, for example under wire brassieres, pants or shirts with metal affixed to them, etc. Visitors’ purses, attorneys’ briefcases, etc., are examples of such personal items.

Other personal articles belonging to visitors must be placed in lockers provided in the front lobby or left in their cars. Visitors’ vehicles are subject to search.

Photo Identification is required for visitors. This may include a State Driver’s License or state ID Card with full names and signatures affixed. Birth Certificates are not considered proper identification. Persons without proper identification will not be permitted to visit.

Visitors are only allowed to bring the following items into the Visiting Room. All items will be x-rayed.

  • Reasonable baby care items to include up to six (6) diapers, food (in clear, non-glass containers) limited to two (2) bottles (one(1) milk, one (1) water ((not more than half full)), powder, lotion, and only in sufficient amounts for the duration of the visit. Diaper bags must be clear or see through. Visitors are NOT permitted to bring in baby strollers, car seats, carriers, and toys.
  • Religious visitors will be allowed to bring religious items (Bibles, Korans, Torahs, etc.) with them to the Visiting Room.
  • Visitors may bring prescribed medication into the Visiting Room but must give the medication to the Visiting Room Escort Officer. The medication will be kept at the Visiting Room Officers’ desk at all times. The prescribed medication must be taken in the presence of a Visiting Room Officer.

Visitors are not allowed to bring animals on the institution grounds except for dogs which assist persons with disabilities. Visitors must provide certification and/or documentation which indicate the dog is trained for such a purpose.

Visitors are permitted to bring money to the Visiting Room to purchase items from the vending machines; this is limited to $25.00. Since the vending machine only accepts coins, one and five dollar bills are the only increments of currency that will be permitted in the Visiting Room. Money may be kept in a clear change purse or wallet.

Inmates are NOT authorized to be in the vending machine area of the Visiting Room at any time. Visitors can purchase the items from the machines andreturn to the visiting area. Inmates cannot be in the children’s room at anytime.

The Visiting Room is a non-smoking area. Accordingly, smoking materials are not authorized in the Visiting Room.

You are not allowed to receive coins or money for your Commissary Account while in the Visiting Room. Money for Commissary Accounts must be sent through the mail to the Lock Box in Des Moines, Iowa.


Attorney Visits

Attorneys should ordinarily make advance appointments for each visit. Attorneys are encouraged to visit during regular visiting hours. However, attorney visits can be arranged at other times based on the circumstances of each case and the availability of staff. Attorney visits will be subject to visual monitoring, but not audio monitoring.

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