FCI Ashland Visitation

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Directions to FCI Ashland, Kentucky

FROM OHIO: After crossing the bridge into Ashland, you will be on 12th Street. Follow 12th Street for six blocks until it merges with 13th Street which is U.S. 60 West. Continue West on U.S. 60, (13th Street) until you leave the city. Approximately three miles out of town, you will see the Kentucky State Police Barracks on the right and at the intersection of U.S. 60 and KY 716. Other landmarks include a Speedway Gas Station and a McDonalds Restaurant. Turn right on KY 716 and go about 3/4 mile to a four-way stop. Do not go straight at the stop, take the right-hand turn. You will see the institution. Make the first immediate left into the institution parking lot.

FROM WEST VIRGINIA: Follow I-64 West to Exit 185 (Cannonsburg, KY 180). Turn right at the end of the exit and proceed approximately 5.5 miles (seven traffic lights from the interstate). At the seventh traffic light, turn left at the intersection of U.S. 60 and Summit Road. Landmarks at that intersection include the Fannin Lincoln Mercury Toyota Scion Hyundai Car Dealership and Knight’s Inn and Boyd County Middle School. Turn left on Summit Road and go about 3/4 mile to a four-way stop. Go straight at the four-way stop, You will see the institution. Make the first immediate left into the institution parking lot.

FROM KENTUCKY: Follow I-64 East to Exit 185 (Cannonsburg, KY 180). Turn left at the end of the exit and proceed approximately 5.5 miles (seven traffic lights from the interstate). At the seventh traffic light, turn left at the intersection of U.S. 60 and Summit Road. Landmarks at that intersection include the Fannin Lincoln Mercury Toyota Scion Hyundai Car Dealership and Knight’s Inn and Boyd County Middle School. Turn left on Summit Road and go about 3/4 mile to a four-way stop. Go straight at the four-way stop, You will see the institution.make the first immediate left into the institution parking lot.

If you encounter problems, call the institution for directions: (606) 928-6414

Hotel and Motel Accommodations

There are several hotels and motels within a close area to the institution.

Budget Inn Express
3466 13th Street
Ashland, Kentucky 41102
Phone: (606) 325-8461
(approximately 4 miles from the institution)
Knights Inn
7216 U.S. Route #60
Ashland, Kentucky 41101
Phone: (606) 928-9501
(approximately 1.5 miles from the institution)
Ashland Plaza Hotel
One Ashland Plaza
Ashland, Kentucky 41101
Phone: (606) 329-0055
(approximately 6 miles from the institution)
Days Inn
12700 State Route #180
Ashland, Kentucky 41102
Phone: (606) 928-3600
(approximately 7 miles from the institution)
Deans Inn
539 W. Summit Road
Ashland, KY 41102
Phone: (606) 929-9005
Fairfield Inn
10945 U.S. Rt. 60
Ashland, KY 41102
Phone: (606) 928-1222
Hampton Inn
1321 Cannonsburg Road
Ashland, KY 41102
Phone: (606) 928-2888


To facilitate transportation for visitors to the institution, there are the following taxi companies:

Yellow Cab Company
1945 Greenup Avenue
Ashland, Kentucky 41101
Phone: (606) 324-3286

Flatwoods Veteran Cab Co
350 Bellefonte Road
Russell, Kentucky 41139
Phone: (606) 836-3613

These taxi companies are considered veryreasonable in this area and canaccommodate all visitors from any publictransit terminal. These companies will alsoassist in transportation to the institution andbecause of this institution’s location, this is the only transportation to the front door.


The Huntington Tri-State Airport is the only airport that is located in a close distance to the Federal Correctional Institution, Ashland, Kentucky. This airport, located approximately 10 miles from the institution, is located in Huntington, West Virginia. Most major airlines access this airport.

For information regarding flights and schedules, contact the Huntington Tri-State Airport:
Huntington Tri-State Airport
1449 Airport Road
Huntington, West Virginia
Phone: (304) 453-6165


Visits are permitted Thursday thru Monday and all Federal Holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.

Each inmate receives 10 points per month. Weekday visits count as one point(1) and weekend and holiday visits count for three (3) points. There cannot be more than six visitors with you at one time. If you are called for a visit during the weekday, you must first report to your Unit Officer. You must have your Commissary Card with you when visiting. Immediate members of an inmate’s family are usually routinely approved as visitors. The immediate familyis considered to be: Mother, Father, Step-Parents, Foster Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Wife, and Children. (Each inmate must get Unit Team approval for all visitors). Any person wanting to visit must be approved in advance. All persons under the age of 18 must have a completed Visiting Form (BPs629.052) signed by their Legal Guardian.

Our visiting area is small and may occasionally be necessary to limit visits to prevent over crowding conditions. When these conditions exist, visits will be stopped in the following order:

  • Those who have visited the most often.
  • The distance a visitor had to travel fortheir visit.
  • Those who have visited for the longest periods of time.

Visiting may also be canceled due to institutional emergencies or improper conduct by the inmate or his visitor.

Special Visits. Special visits may be approved on a one-time basis. The authority to approve a special visit is delegated to the Unit Manager, the acting Unit Manager, or the Institution Duty Officer. Generally, special visiting privileges must be requested at least three days in advance of the proposed visit. Unit Team staff will be responsible for the supervision of these visits. Each approved special visitor will complete a Visitor Information (BP-629), which will be reviewed by staff prior to allowing entry into the Visiting Room. If questions arise during review of the responses to the questionnaire, the Shift Lieutenant will be contacted to make a determination to allow/disallow entry.

Visiting Rules and Regulations

1. It is the policy of this institution to provide visiting facilities and procedures that will encourage wholesome and meaningful visits with relatives, friends, groups, etc. Visits are stressed as an important factor in maintaining the morale of each inmate and motivating him toward positive personal interactions. It is the responsibility of each visitor/inmate to adhere to the visiting regulations as set forth in the following paragraphs.

2. Social visits are permitted from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., Thursday thru Monday and Holidays. There is no visiting at the institution on Tuesday and Wednesday. Each inmate will be allowed to receive a total of ten visiting points a month. An inmate’s immediate family; mother, father, stepparents, foster parents, brothers, sisters, wife and children, are routinely approved as visitors. Each inmate is responsible for obtaining Unit Team approval for prospective visitors.

3. At the present time, our visiting facilities are limited; therefore, it may become necessary to limit visits due to these facilities becoming overcrowded. When overcrowded conditions exist, visits will be terminated based upon equal consideration of:

Those who have visited the most frequently – those who reside in the Tri-State Area – those who have visited for the longest period of time. Visiting may also be terminated because of institution emergencies and improper conduct by the inmate or his visitor. Limitations on the length orfrequency of visits may be imposed when these visits interrupt the continuity of aninmate’s program.

4. Embracing and kissing as a greeting or farewell is permitted within the limits of acceptable conduct upon arrival and departure of visitors. When continued intimacy occurs throughout the visit, the visit may be terminated due to this unacceptable conduct. It should be noted that when the visit is terminated due to unacceptable conduct, the inmate will receive an incident report and face possible disciplinary action.

5. All monies, packages, gifts and pictures must be received by the inmate through the institutional mail system. None of the above will be given by the inmate to his visitors. None of the above will be accepted by the Visiting Room Officer, nor through the Visiting Room.

6. Prospective visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or a member of their immediate family who is at least 18 years of age; or have written consent from a parent, legal guardian or member of their immediate family prior to the visitation. Each adult visitor, 16 years of age and older,will be required to provide proof of their identity to the Front Entrance Officer in the form of picture identification. Adult visitors will be required to sign information forms indicating their name, complete address, inmate being visited, and acknowledging their awareness and understanding of possible penalties for violation of visiting regulations and/or the introduction of contraband. Any attempt to bring unauthorized items into the institution is a serious violation of Federal Law (U.S. Code, Title 18,Section 7291) and is punishable by imprisonment and/or fine.

7. The Visiting Room Officer is responsible for supervising the visits and recognizing the fact thatwe have many age groups of visitors from young children to senior citizens; the best interest of a wide variety of citizens must be considered in setting standards on attire. Visitors are expected to use good judgement and taste in their dress. Persons who come immodestly and/or provocatively dressed may be denied the privilege of visiting. Dresses, skirts or loose fitting “Bermudatype”shorts must be at least knee length. No portion of the breasts may be exposed. The wearing ofT-shirts or other form-fitting clothes by female visitors without bras is also prohibited. Prohibited clothing items include, but are not limited to: see through; fishnet; form-fitting(Lycra or Spandex); low-cut, backless, sleeveless, or strapless blouses and/or dresses; athletic shorts; halter tops; swimwear; clothing which exposes the midriff portion of the body; ripped or torn jeans; and other revealing clothing items. The wearing of any type of club, gang, or other organization symbols is strictly prohibited. Tight, provocative dress is not acceptable at any time in the VisitingRoom. Questionable attire will be clarified by the Operations Lieutenant and/or the Institution Duty Officer.

8. Visitors are to have and maintain complete control of their children while in the Visiting Room or on institutional property. Limitations may be necessary when an inmate has a large number of regular approved visitors living in the vicinity of the institution. Normally, the total number of visitors (including children) will not exceed six, with no more than four adults permitted.

9. It is permissible for the visitor to give the inmate any item from the vending machine to be consumed while on a visit. Each inmate will assume reasonable responsibility for proper conduct during visits with as much control of his visitors’ conduct as may be expected of him. Each inmate and his visitors are expected to maintain a safe and sanitary visiting area. The use of cameras or recording equipment without written consent of the Warden is strictly prohibited. No cell phones or pagers will be allowed. Documents or papers will not be examined or signed in the Visiting Room without the approval of a member of the inmate’s Unit Team. Visitors are encouraged to store all of their parcels, handbags, etc., in their vehicles or in their motel rooms prior to coming to the institution. Additionally, personal photographs, makeup containers, chewing gum and mints will be prohibited. These items will not be allowed into the Visiting Room. Any effort to evade the visiting regulations may result in disciplinary action for the inmate and possible legal proceedings against the visitor.

10. It should be noted that in a situation where a visitor is suspected of attempting to introduce contraband onto institutional property or into the institution, that visitor is subject to a detailed search of their person.

11. The television in the Visiting Room is for the children; the Visiting Room Officer will control the volume and channel, and ensure that the programming is suitable for their viewing. Disputes over programming will be settled by the Visiting Room Officer.

12. Visitors are prohibited from bringing animals onto institution grounds unless the animal is needed to assist a disabled person.

13. There is NO SMOKING allowed in the Visiting Room.

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