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Tobacco Free Institution

The use of any tobacco products or materials related to smoking and/or smokeless tobacco consumption is not authorized for inmates at FCI Bastrop and the Satellite Prison Camp. Any inmate caught in possession of tobacco products and/or related material will be subject to the inmate disciplinary process.

Personal Property Limits

Items which may be retained by an inmate are limited for sanitation and security reasons.

The following list is not all-inclusive, but it is a guide to the kind of items an inmate is authorized:

  • Storage Space – Storage space consists of an individual locker, desk or cabinet. Locks may be purchased in the institution commissary. The amount of personal property each inmate is allowed is limited to those items which can be neatly and safely placed in the space designated. Storage space at the Satellite Prison Camp consists of an individual locker and a bottom shelf for shoes.
  • Clothing – Civilian clothing of any type (except athletic apparel purchased in the Commissary) is not authorized. All clothing (except socks) is stamped with a bin number and is to be neatly stored in your locker. A limited number of personal sweatshirts and sweat pants may be permitted. Individual wash cloths and towels are issued to inmates from Clothing Issue. Authorized footwear might include one pair of steel-toed safety shoes, one pair of shower slippers, and two pairs of leisure shoes. Footwear will be placed under the bed.
  • Special Purpose Order Items – Special purpose order items are items not sold in the Commissary or issued by the institution that can be purchased with authorization from Unit Team members.
  • Legal Materials – Legal materials must be kept in a neat and orderly manner and concern current, active cases. The volume of items, as well as the method of storage, must be kept to the amount which can be neatly stored and permit effective searches and inspections with a minimum of staff time expended. Legal material will not be permitted on work details.
  • Commissary Items – The total value of an inmate’s accumulated commissary items will be limited to the monthly spending limitation of $320.00.
    Food Storage – Food items must be properly sealed to prevent a health hazard.
    Empty jars may not be used as drinking containers or for any other purpose and are to be thrown away. At the Satellite Prison Camp, fruit may not be placed on the middle shelf.
  • Letters, Books, Photographs, Newspapers, and Magazines – An inmate will be limited in the number of magazines that can be stored in the locker or shelf provided in each room. Ordinarily, picture frames (no glass) sold in the commissary may be displayed. Nothing is to be tacked, stapled, or scotch-taped to any surface, i.e., desk, locker, door, walls, floors, or ceiling. The institution supplement on Inmate Personal Property is posted on the inmate bulletin board in each housing unit.
  • Sports and Musical Equipment – Sports and musical equipment are not allowed in the housing units.
  • Radios and Watches – An inmate may not own or possess more than one approved radio and/or watch. Proof of ownership, through appropriate property receipts, will be required. Radios and watches may not have a value exceeding $100.00. Radios with a tape recorder and/or tape player are not authorized.
  • Radios and watches will be inscribed with the inmate’s name and register number. Only walkman-type radios are permitted and headphones are required at all times. While an inmate is in holdover status, he may not purchase, own, or possess a radio or watch. Inmates may not give any items of value to another inmate (i.e., radio, watch, sneakers, or commissary items).
  • Jewelry – Plain, solid wedding bands and religious medals or medallions having no stones may be retained upon commitment.

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