FCI Bastrop Substance Abuse Programs

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Drug Abuse and Prevention (DAP)
FCI Bastrop offers three drug abuse programs to assist inmates. To apply for these programs, inmates must complete a DAP Application Form. Inmates can use the form included in this information packet, or they may pick one up in Psychology Services, the DAP building, or the Satellite Prison Camp Officer’s Station. Inmates must complete all information on the form. Inmates may send their application through the institution mail system or drop them in the application holding box in the DAP building. The status of the application may be checked by inquiring during their open house hours or via a cop-out addressed to the DAP Coordinator.
There are three programs available at FCI Bastrop:

  1. Drug Education-The purpose of drug education is to encourage inmates with a history of drug use to review the harmful consequences of their past choices and motivate them to consider participating in drug abuse treatment. Drug Education is available at the FCI and Satellite Prison Camp.
  2. Non-Residential Treatment-The purpose of Non-Residential treatment is to meet the needs of inmates with lower level substance abuse problems. Typically, inmates who do not have enough time to complete the Residential Drug Abuse Program or inmates who do not meet the admissions criteria for RDAP enroll in this program. Additionally, some inmates with longer sentences who are awaiting placement in RDAP enroll in this program. This program is available at the FCI and Satellite Prison Camp.
  3. Residential Drug Abuse Program-The purpose of this program is to provide intensive, unit based treatment to inmates who have been diagnosed with a drug use disorder. Treatment is provided for a minimum of 500 hours over a period of nine months. Some non-violent offenders who qualify to participate in RDAP may be provisionally eligible for sentence reduction. This program is only available at the FCI
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