FCI Bastrop Visitation

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Visitation Times and Limitations

Inmates are encouraged to have visits in order to maintain family and community ties.

Visiting days at the FCI are Thursday through Monday and federal holidays.
Visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Visiting days at the Satellite Prison Camp are Saturday, Sunday, and federal holidays.
Visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Inmates in Special Housing Unit will visit on Thursdays only.
There is no visiting on Thursdays for general population inmates.

It is the inmate’s responsibility to advise their approved visitor of the visiting hours. Visiting may be limited on an hourly or other allocation, basis to ensure equitable access to visiting facilities.

Each inmate will be allotted 32 points on the first day of each month. An inmate will use one point per hour for all visiting that occurs during the weekdays. An inmate will use two points per hour for all visiting that occurs on weekends and holidays. All points not utilized by the last day of the month will be lost and not carried over to the following month.

A maximum of five visitors will be permitted to visit the inmate. This includes children of all ages.

New inmates must submit a visiting list to their unit counselor for approval. Members of the immediate family (wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters) will ordinarily be placed on the approved visiting list upon request if they are on the inmate’s Pre-Sentence Report (PSI).

A common-law spouse will usually be treated as an immediate family member if the common-law relationship has previously been established in a state that recognizes such a status.

Other relations and friends may be approved after certain checks are made. Requests for approval for these additional visitors should be made to the Counselor or Case Manager at least three weeks in advance of the intended visit.

Visitation Conduct and Inmate Dress

All visits will begin and end in the visiting room. A simple kiss, embrace, or handshake is allowed only upon arrival and departure.

Inmates must be properly dressed in khaki pants, khaki shirt, black boots, and belt in order to be admitted to the visiting room. If any footwear other than the institution issued black boots are worn, you will have to change into a pair of blue slip-on shoes. Clothing must be neat and clean. The inmate shall not take anything into the visiting room except the following items: one regular comb, one handkerchief, prescription eyeglasses, wedding band, unit approved legal materials during a legal visit, and essential medication, such as nitroglycerine, may be permitted when authorized by the Chief Medical Officer or Health Services staff.

Visitor Dress

The following clothing will not be permitted into the visiting room. Questionable attire will be referred to the Operations Lieutenant and/or Institution Duty Officer. No shorts, except for children 10 years old and younger No micro or mini skirts No hems or slits on skirts above the knee No see-through apparel No halter tops, tank tops, or tube tops No spandex pants or leggings No torn or ripped jeans No apparel with vulgar or sexually explicit logos No gang affiliated clothing.

Identification of Visitors

Identification is required for visitors, i.e., a valid state driver’s license, valid state identification card, passport, or alien card. Persons without proper identification will not be permitted to visit. All items must successfully pass through the x-ray machine before being allowed in the institution.
Visitors may be asked to submit to a search and will be checked with a metal detector. Visitors’ clear, plastic containers, attorneys’ briefcases, etc. may also be searched. Other personal articles are not allowed in the prison and must be kept in personal vehicles.

Visitors are permitted to bring money into the visiting room to purchase food items from the vending machines. Visitors will not be allowed to bring food, packages, purses, briefcases, cosmetics, billfolds, pagers, or extra articles of clothing into the visiting room. The only exception will be baby bottles, sealed jars of baby food, and diapers. Prescribed medication will be allowed, such as nitroglycerine and asthma inhalants, but this medication must be cleared by the receptionist. Visitors may not give any items to inmates during visiting.

Visiting Room (Funds)

Inmates are not allowed to receive either coins or money for their commissary account while in the visiting room. Money for commissary accounts should be sent through the mail, using a U.S. Postal Money Order.


Special Rules for Children during Visiting

All children under the age of 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult both at the FCI and the Satellite Prison Camp. The inmate and his respective visitors will ensure that children visit in a quiet and orderly manner and will maintain direct supervision over them at all times. Children will not be allowed to wander around the visiting room. Failure to maintain children under control may result in termination of the visit. Only enough diapers to meet the needs will be permitted into the visiting room. Only unopened baby food items and formula bottles will be permitted into the visiting room.

Special Visits for Family Emergencies

You may request special visits for family emergencies through your unit team via an Inmate Request to Staff Member (Cop-Out). After review by your unit team, your request may be routed to the Warden for approval.

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