FCI Beckley Educational Programs

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Educational opportunities include literacy, English-as-a-Second Language, adult continuing education, occupational training programs, post-secondary education, parenting, and leisure-time activities. Program Statement 5350.28, Literacy Program (GED Standard), requires inmates who do not have a GED credential or a high school diploma to complete 240 instructional hours of literacy program participation. An inmate may request to withdraw from the literacy program after 240 instructional hours; however, withdrawal may affect good conduct time for inmates sentenced under the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act (VCCLEA) and the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA).

All promotions in the Federal Prison Industries and institution assignments beyond the entry level grade are contingent on successful completion of the Literacy Program (GED). Program Statement 5350.24, English-as-a-Second Language Program (ESL), requires inmates with limited English proficiency skills to attend ESL classes until they have achieved the eighth-grade level as measured by a score of 225 on the ESL CASAS Reading Certification test and a score of 215 on the Listening Comprehension test.

Inmates with a deportation detainer are still subject to the satisfactory literacy provision of the VCCLEA and PLRA.

Adult Continuing Education Courses

Adult continuing education courses are inmate-taught general knowledge classes which last approximately ten weeks. Commercial drivers license, legal research, and Spanish are examples of ACE classes which may be offered.

Occupational training programs include blueprint, carpentry, computer applications, electric, masonry, plumbing, and appliance repair. The advanced occupational college classes are offered through Greenbrier Valley Community and Technical College. Inmates may earn a one-year certificate in business.

Inmates may also enroll in correspondence courses from other colleges at their own expense. The college coordinator must give approval, prior to enrollment, if the program results in a degree.

A 40-hour parenting program encourages inmates to maintain family relationships while incarcerated. Parenting topics include child development, child health, child safety, and abusive relationships. Library activities are available during leisure time.


Training in various occupational areas is offered at FCI Beckley. Traditional programs such as computer literacy, carpentry, major appliance repair, residential wiring, and masonry continue to be popular.

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