FCI Beckley Mental Health of Prisoners

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Counseling Activities

There are many alternatives for inmates who have personal problems and desire to correct them. These options include Self-Image groups and other voluntary groups conducted by Correctional Counselors. Inmate participation in these activities will be encouraged upon staff’s assessment of inmate needs, but participation in such activities is voluntary. The staff of each unit is available for informal counseling sessions and formal group counseling activities.

Psychology and Psychiatry Programs

Psychology Services is a department consisting of seven Psychologists, fourteen Treatment Specialists, and a Psychology Technician under the direction of the Chief Psychologist. Each unit has an assigned psychologist available to provide counseling and other mental health services. In some cases, the psychologist has an office in the unit, where he/she can be easily reached by the inmates, help develop ongoing counseling programs, or for personal consultation. Psychology Services offers a wide range of group educational programs including stress management, anger management and smoking cessation, as well as other such programs.

In addition to the above programs, a variety of services are available with respect to drug treatment. Drug Abuse Education, Non Residential Drug Abuse Treatment, Residential Drug Abuse (RDAP) treatment (500 hour program), and Transitional Services Treatment are all available at this institution. The Residential Drug Abuse Program is housed in Poplar A Lower.

Psychology Services provides services in two other significant areas. The BRAVE Program is a six-month residential self-improvement program for young offenders serving lengthy terms of incarceration. Inmates 32 years of age or younger with sentences of 60 months or more may volunteer for program participation through Psychology Services. The program is housed in Oak A Lower. Inmates are encouraged to enroll in available programs.

With respect to Psychiatric Services, a contract psychiatrist, who is a medical doctor, is available for regular consultation for those needing medications or medication monitoring. Access to these services occurs either by consulting Health Services or Psychology Services Staff.

It is realized that incarceration can be a highly stressful and difficult time, leading to overwhelming feelings. Sometimes these give way to thoughts of self harm or suicide. Recognize that someone you know could have such thoughts, and it is in everyone’s interest to help them. Thus, if you see someone struggling with thoughts of suicide or self harm, let someone know such that we can provide any needed help.

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