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Personal Property Limit

Items which may be retained by you are limited for sanitation, security, and safety reasons. These limitations are to ensure that excess personal property is not accumulated, which could constitute a fire hazard or impair staff searches of your living area (please refer to the approved personal property list for general population.)

Any inmate personal property not authorized at the time of admission can be replaced and purchased through the institution commissary. The only exceptions are medical devices and release clothing. All personal property, including commissary items, will be stored in your locker. Boxes, wooden items, and paper or plastic bags may not be kept within the living quarters. You are reminded that everyone occupying a cell is responsible for the contents in said cell unless secured inside a locked locker.

Approved Personal Property List

The amount of personal property an inmate may retain is limited to the following listed items (consult the Institutional Supplement for more information concerning personal property):

W = White G = Grey C = Commissary Only

Address Book (C)(1)
Alarm Clock (non-electric) (C)(1)
Bag, Athletic Tote (C)(1)
Batteries (C)(4)
Books (hard/soft) (5)
Book/Reading Light (C)(1)
Bowl (plastic/24 oz or less) (C)(1)
Calendar, Small (1)
Comb/Pick (plastic) (C)(2)
Combination Lock (C)(1)
Shaving Bag (C)(1)
Cup (plastic) (C)(1)
Dentures (1 set)
Earplugs (C)(1 set)
Envelopes (C)(1box)
Eyeglasses no stones (2 pairs)
Eyeglass Case (2)
Hairbrush (C)(1)
Headphones (C)(1)
Jug (See through plastic/1 gal) (C)(1)
Laundry Bag (mesh) (C) (1)
Letters (25)
Mirror (small/plastic) (C)(1)
Pen, Ballpoint (C)(2)
Pencils (C)(2)
Photo Album/Scrapbook (C)(1)
Photos (single-faced) (25)
Picture Frame (clear plastic) (C)(2)
Playing Cards (decks) (C)(2)
Wallet (small) (C)(1)
Radio W/Earplugs (walkman-type) (C)(1)
Stamps (1st Class) total equivalent (C)(60)
Sunglasses (non-reflective) (C)(1)
Towel (white/large) (C)(1)
Watch ($100 maximum value, electronically unsophisticated, i.e. inability to send signals, store information) (C)(1)
Watchband (C)(1)
Wedding Band (no stones/white/yellow metal) (1)
Writing Tablet (C)(2)
Cap, Baseball, W/G (no logos) (C)(1)
Shoes, Athletic, W (no pumps/no pockets) (C)(2pr)
Shoes, Shower, W/G (C)(1pr)
Shoes, Work (C)(1 pr)
Shorts, Gym, W/G (C) (2)
Socks, Tube, W (C)(5)
Sweatshirt, G (pullover/no hood/cotton/no logos)(C)(2)
Sweat pants, G (cotton/no logos) (C)(2)
T-Shirts W/G (C)(5)
Underwear, W (boxers or briefs) (C)(7)
Handkerchief, (white only) (C)(5)
Dental Floss and/or Pick (unwaxed) (C)(1)
Denture Adhesive (C)(1)
Denture Brush (C)(1)
Denture Cleaner/Powder (C)(1)
Denture Cup (C)(1)
Deodorant (C)(2)
Hair Oil (nonflammable, non-alcohol) (C)(1)
Lotion, Skin (moisturizing) (C)(1)
Nail Clippers (no file) (C)(2)
Razor Disposable (C)(1)
Scissors, Mustache (blunt tip) (C)(1)
Sewing Kit (C)(1)
Soap, Bar (C)(3)
Soap Dish (C)(1)
Toothbrush (C)(1)
Toothbrush Holder (C)(1)
Toothpaste (tubes) (C)(2)
Tweezers (blunt tip) (C)(1)
** Items available through SPO
Athletic Supporter (C)(2)
Gloves (handball) (C)(2)
Headbands/Sweat bands (white) (C)(2)
Knee/Hand Wraps (C)(2-1 pr)
Racquetballs (C)(4)
Islamic Kufi B/W (3)
Jewish Yarmukle B/W (3)

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