FCI Bennettsville Substance Abuse Programs

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40 Hour Drug Education Class

Inmates sentenced or returned to custody as a parole/probation violator after September 30, 1991, and determined by unit and/or drug abuse treatment staff through screening:

  1. There is evidence in the PSI that alcohol or other drug use contributed to the commission of the instant offense.
  2. Alcohol or other drug use was a reason for a violation either of supervision or BOP community status for which the inmate is now incarcerated
  3. The inmate was recommended for drug programming during incarceration by the sentencing judge; will be required to participate in the Drug Abuse Education course.


Inmates who are required to complete Drug Education and who refuse to participate, withdraw, are expelled or otherwise fail to meet attendance and examination requirements shall be held at the lowest pay grade within the institution and shall be ineligible for community programs.

Inmates interested in volunteering for the 40-hour drug education class need to submit a “Request to Staff” to the Drug Treatment Specialist.

Non-residential Drug Abuse Treatment

Non-residential Drug Abuse Treatment is available to inmates with substance abuse problems.  This treatment can be either individual and/or group counseling, depending on the needs of the individuals and the number of individuals requiring treatment. Inmates who have graduated from institution Residential Drug Abuse Programs will receive their required monthly institutional Transitional Services through the Non-residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program. Inmates interested in volunteering for the Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment program need submit a “Request to Staff” to the Drug Treatment Specialist.

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) interviews will be completed on all inmates interested in participating in RDAP. RDAP is a 500-hour unit-based residential problem for inmates with histories of substance abuse or dependence who meet specific eligibility criteria.  No RDAP exists within FCI Bennettsville, but inmates meeting eligibility criteria may be transferred to other institutions which do offer this program.  Inmates interested in being interviewed for a Residential Drug Abuse Program must submit a “Request to Staff” to the Drug Treatment Specialist.

RDAP Incentives

Certain inmates may be eligible for six-month RRC placement and a sentence reduction of up to 12 months upon successful completion of RDAP and community transitional services.

In order for your eligibility for these incentives to be determined, you must first be deemed qualified to participate in RDAP.  Inmates will be notified in writing regarding their eligibility for early release.

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