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Job Assignments
All inmates will maintain a regular job assignment. Job assignments are controlled through a Performance Pay System which provides monetary payment for work. Only Unit Staff will make the final approval for job changes and see that the changes are entered on the Daily Change Sheet which is posted daily on the Unit Bulletin Board. Work details will ordinarily only be changed on the 1st and 15th of the month after initial assignment. Inmates will ordinarily be required to stay in a job assignment a minimum of 90 days prior to reassigning.

The first work assignment you will usually receive is Sunset A&O or Sunrise A&O, and you will be kept on this assignment while medical and other screening is accomplished. If you have any specialized skills, your Unit Team will want to be made aware of those as they consider a permanent job assignment for you.

In the event you have a work-related injury, ensure you report it immediately to your work detail supervisor. Information on procedures for work-related injuries can be located in the “Inmate Accident Compensation Procedures”, which is handed out during Admission & Orientation.

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