FCI Big Spring Religious Programs

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The Religious Services Department at FCI Big Spring provides programming designed to meet the religious needs of each inmate so that he may maintain and more fully develop his spirituality while incarcerated. Worship services, scripture studies, discussion groups and pastoral care are provided by two full-time Staff Chaplains, a contract Muslim Imam, and a number of volunteer ministers and lay persons from a variety of faith groups. In addition, periodic revivals, concerts, lectures and seminars are presented. If you do not find your faith group represented after consulting the monthly Pastoral Care Services calendar, feel free to contact a Chaplain regarding making arrangements for worship, prayer, meditation and/or study and the possibility of meeting with a representative or representatives of your particular faith group.
Should you not find your particular faith group represented at this institution, you may consult a Chaplain who will advise you of the necessary steps to take to have your religion approved at this facility. New and unfamiliar religious groups may be approved at the institutional level, by the Warden, or at the Regional or Central Office level.

The Religious Services Department provides scriptures, general religious books and pamphlets, videos, and other similar literature. The Chaplains can assist you in making proper arrangements to have religious items sent from a religious supply company. A small lending library and a reference library complement the books and periodicals that are free to all inmates.

The primary function of the Religious Services staff, contract persons, and volunteers is pastoral care and assistance. All Religious Services staff, including contractors and volunteers, are willing to assist you in resolving personal, family, and spiritual problems. You are welcome to speak with a Chaplain, when one is available, to discuss your particular concerns.

Inmates are not authorized to receive jewelry of any kind from home. The Religious Services Department provides information of approved vendors for Special Purpose Orders (SPO) for the purchase of personal religious jewelry and other items.

If an inmate wishes to be married while incarcerated, the Warden may authorize him to do so under certain conditions. All marriage expenses will be paid by the inmate. Government funds may not be used for marriage expenses. If an inmate requests permission to be married, he must:

  1. Indicate his desire to be married through an Inmate Request to Staff Member (cop-out) to his Unit Team.
  2. Have a letter from the intended spouse which verifies her intention to marry him.
  3. Demonstrate legal eligibility to marry.
  4. Be mentally competent.
  5. The Chaplain(s) and Psychology Services are available to discuss with the inmate the issue of marriage while incarcerated.
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