FCI Coleman Low Educational Programs

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Bureau of Prisons Standard

The Bureau of Prisons’ standard is that all inmates who do not have a verified high school diploma or GED equivalency diploma, or who do not have proficiency in speaking English (at an 8.0 grade equivalent) must be enrolled in GED or ESL class. You will be mandated to remain in GED class for 240 hours of class instruction and in ESL class until you pass the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) Certification Tests. Students making appropriate progress will be allowed to take the GED exam or CASAS test to complete their program enrollments. Decisions regarding who will be allowed to take the tests will be made by the respective program coordinators. For reference, see Program Statement 5350.28.

Program Participation

Initially, Education Staff shall meet the inmate for the purpose of enrolling the inmate in the Literacy Program. At the end of 240 instructional hours, excluding sick time, furloughs, or other absences from scheduled classes, the Unit Team, during scheduled Program Review sessions, shall meet with the inmate to encourage continued participation in the Literacy Program until the inmate earns GED credential or High School Diploma. At these meetings, the inmate may elect not to continue in the Literacy Program, and no disciplinary action will be taken. Under these circumstances, and prior to approving a withdrawal, the Literacy Coordinator must be contacted to ensure mandatory education requirements have been met. However, inmates may also submit an Inmate Request to Staff (copout) to the Assistant Supervisor of Education (ASOE) to request withdrawal from the literacy program after obtaining approval and signature form their respective Unit Managers and Case Managers. The inmate may not discontinue this program when participation is mandated by statue.

VCCLEA and PLRA Sentenced Inmates

SPECIAL NOTE – If you are sentenced under VCCLEA or PLRA:
You must have a high school diploma, be enrolled in, and making satisfactory progress in the GED program in order to vest your good conduct time. Inmates who are exempt from attending GED class based on a deportation detainer must enroll in GED or ESL in order to receive their good conduct time. Inmates who have completed the mandatory period of enrollment must remain enrolled or re-enroll to vest their good conduct time. Inmates found guilty of an incident report related to their literacy program enrollment will be changed to GED UNSATISFACTORY PROGRESS and will not vest their good conduct time. Following the assignment of a GED UNSATISFACTORY PROGRESS code, inmates will be required to complete 240 hours of program enrollment before they can be changed back to a SATISFACTORY code. Good conduct time will not be vested while the UNSATISFACTORY assignment exists.

Other Programs

The Education Department offers other programs. These include:
Post Secondary Education
Vocational Training
Apprenticeship Programs
Adult Continuing Education and

Vocational Training programs will be offered in the following areas:
Culinary Arts
Microsoft 07
Apprenticeship programs
and the Mavis Beacon Typing program.

All Post Secondary Education Programs are offered through correspondence course work.

The Education Department offers the employment and personal finance components of the Release Preparation Program.


The Education Leisure Library and Law Library will be open six days a week. Except during meals, count time and holidays.
Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Saturday 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Sunday Closed

NOTE: Law books are for your reference only and may not be removed from the Law Library for any reason. Removal of law books and reference material will result in disciplinary action. A photocopy machine is available in the Leisure Library. Copies of documents or books may be made by using your “vending” machine balance on your card at ten cents each. Please see education staff if you have any questions about Education Programs.

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