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Facilities Department

The Facilities Department’s mission is the design, construction and maintenance of FCC, Coleman. The department consists of approximately fifty trades-persons, four General Foremen, and one Facility Manager. The Low Facilities Department consists of the following shops: carpentry, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, paint, general maintenance, electric, and preventative maintenance. The general maintenance shop utilizes a wide variety of trade skills. These skills are masonry, carpentry, sheetrock installation and finishing, floor finishers, and general construction. If you have any of these skills and would like to work for the Facilities Department, you should fill out a request to Facilities for an interview or be sure to get your name on the list during the A&O lecture provided by Facilities staff.


UNICOR provides inmates confined in BOP institutions an opportunity to obtain an industrial work assignment. Presently, there is a furniture factory here at FCC Coleman. Other avenues of employment used to support the industrial operation include the business office, factory office, quality assurance and warehousing.

UNICOR Waiting List

All inmates who wish to be employed by UNICOR must first be placed on the UNICOR waiting list. This is accomplished through Unit Teams. The list is updated monthly and copies are distributed to all units at the beginning of each month. Inmates who refuse to participate in the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program may not be assigned to UNICOR.

UNICOR Transfers

Inmates who are employed with UNICOR at another institution who have been transferred to Coleman for other than disciplinary reasons will be given hiring priority, provided that a vacancy exists requiring comparable skills. Where no vacancy exists, the inmate will be placed in the top ten percent of the waiting list.

Industrial Pay and Benefits

Pay Scale:

1st Grade $1.15 per hour
2nd Grade
$ .92 per hour
3rd Grade
$ .69 per hour
4th Grade
$ .46 per hour
5th Grade
$ .23 per hour


Advancement with UNICOR is based on demonstrated ability, compliance with rules and regulations and vacancies in grades. An inmate must be at the eighth grade literacy level before being eligible for promotion above the fourth grade pay. A GED or High School Diploma is required in order to reach first grade pay. Promotions are not based on longevity, and being eligible for promotion does not mean that the inmate will be promoted automatically. Inmates may earn an additional hourly pay allowance for longevity in UNICOR.

Longevity of Service

Longevity Pay Per Hour

18 Months $ .10
30 Months
$ .15
42 Months
$ .20
60 Months
$ .25
84 Months
$ .30

Vacation Pay

All inmates working in UNICOR can earn up to six days vacation, with pay, for the first year of service. They can earn up to 12 days per service year for each succeeding year. Part-time workers may earn half of this rate of vacation time.

Overtime Pay

Inmates working overtime in UNICOR normally earn double the hourly rate they currently earn.


Scholarships funding is available for business related courses upon application to the UNICOR Business Manager then the Unit Team.
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