FCI Coleman Low Religious Programs

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Religious Services

The Religious Services has two full time Chaplains to provide Pastoral Care to the inmates at the institution.  The Chaplains are responsible for conducting religious services for their perspective religious community.  The Chaplains are dedicated to providing professional pastoral care to all inmates in their spiritual development and growth.  People from the local religious communities volunteer their time to provide instruction and leadership to the religious needs of the inmates.  Religious Services offers a variety of pastoral services to the inmate population.  If an inmate desires pastoral counseling he can see one of the Chaplains.

Should you need to see a Chaplain, you can come directly to the Chaplain’s office.  We have an open door policy.  You may also submit an Inmate Request to Staff form through the institutional mail. The duty schedule for the Chaplains is posted outside the institution chapel. There is normally a Chaplain on duty seven days a week and four evenings a week.

It is the Chaplains’ desire for you to embrace your spirituality while incarcerated. Explore other religions to find one that is appropriate for you or become firmly grounded in the faith you practice. A schedule of all religious programs is located in the chapel area.

In your Initial meeting with your Unit Team, you will be given an opportunity to state your religious preference. After this initial declaration, if you desire to change your religious preference, you must submit an Inmate Request to Staff and forward to Religious Services.

Chaplain Authorized Telephone Calls

Telephone calls may be granted by the Chaplains in emergency situations involving an inmate’s immediate family. An emergency is defined as the death or terminal/serious illness of an inmate’s immediate family member.

Religious Publications

If an inmate wants to buy a religious book from a publishing company, they can obtain assistance from their Unit Team.

Religious Diet

The Alternative Diet Program meets the needs of a religious diet.  This program is not for weight reduction or medical problems.  See the Chaplain or the Program Statement for application procedures.
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