FCI Cumberland Employment

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Job Assignment

All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Most job assignments are controlled through the Performance Pay System which provides monetary payment for work. The current pay scale is as follows;

Grade 4 – $.12 per hour
Grade 3 – $.17 per hour
Grade 2 – $.29 per hour
Grade 1 – $.40 per hour

Failure to pay fines and other monetary obligations, being sanctioned for a Code 100/200 Prohibited Act violation involving drugs/alcohol, or failure to participate in the required drug education or to show progress towards educational goals may result in pay restrictions. In most instances, Unit staff approve job changes and see that the changes are posted on the Daily Change Sheet.

To request a change in detail assignment, submit a Cop-out to the detail requested. If approved, have the request approved by the losing detail and submit the signed Cop-out to unit staff. Inmates are to remain on a job assignment for 90 days before being reassigned unless approved by the Unit Manager.

Federal Prison Industries

Federal Prison Industries (FPI) employs and trains inmates through the operation of, and earnings from, factories producing high-quality products and services for the federal government. FPI at FCI Cumberland produces signs for various government agencies. Profits from FPI fund other inmate programs as well as provide hands-on industrial training for inmates.

Industrial Pay

FPI provides five (5) standard hourly rates, (which are subject tochange), as follows:

To be promoted above Grade 4, inmates must have a verified high school diploma or have obtained a GED.

All overtime pay is computed on a double time basis. The normal working day is 7.5 hours. To receive overtime pay you must first have 7.5 hours on the day you work overtime. Inmate payrolls are computed in the Business Office and forwarded to the Commissary the first week of the month following the month being paid. Questions about payroll will be resolved by the detail foreman whenever possible. If you are not satisfied with the Foreman’s answer you may submit a Copout to the Business Manager.

All inmates working in FPI receive pay for 10 holidays per year. To be eligible for holiday pay, you must be in FPI work status the work day before and the workday following the holiday.


Inmates who have worked in Federal Prison Industries for 18 months will be eligible to receive $.10 for each hour in pay status. Inmates who have worked FPI for 30 months will be eligible to receive $.15 extra for each hour in pay status. Inmates who have worked for FPI for 42 months will be eligible to receive $.30 extra per hour in pay status.

Inmates who have been in Grade 1 positions for six months or more are eligible to be considered for premium pay which is an additional $.20 over base pay. Premium pay is used to reward inmates who regularly and routinely make contributions to FPI operations that exceed the standards required of them. Such inmates should assist in training new inmate workers, demonstrate leadership qualities and make contributions to the efficiency of production and operations. Premium pay is limited to 10% of all Grade 1 workers.

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