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Personal Property Limits

Only items issued through regular channels, purchased at the commissary or through special purchase orders are authorized for retention. The number of items which may be retained by an inmate are limited for sanitation and security reasons. The following list is not all-inclusive, but is a guide to the kind of items an inmate may be authorized. A complete list of the types and numbers of approved personal property can be found in the appropriate Institution Supplement and posted on bulletin boards in the housing units. Inmates may not give any items of value to another inmate, (i.e., radio, watch, sneakers and Commissary items).

Storage Space

Storage space consists of an individual locker which can be secured with locks purchased in the institution commissary. Footwear may be neatly placed under the bed. The amount of personal property each inmate is allowed is limited to those items which can be neatly and safely placed in the space designated. Under no circumstances will any materials be accumulated to the point where they become a fire or sanitation hazard.


Civilian clothing of any type (except athletic apparel) is not authorized. All clothing is to be neatly stored in the individual locker. A limited number of personal sweat shirts, sweat pants and thermal underwear is permitted. Individual wash cloths and towels are issued to inmates.

Special Purchase Items

Special Purchase items will be authorized only to thepoint where they can be contained in the storage area provided for personal property.

Legal Materials

Legal material must be stored in your locker. Under no circumstances will legal material be stored outside of lockers, without authorization from the Unit Manager. If approval is granted, those legal materials will not be stored in card board boxes.

Hobby Craft Materials

Hobby shop raw materials are only to be stored in the recreation area with permission of the Recreation Supervisor. Completed hobby craft work must be disposed of within 30 days of completion. In most cases, hobby craft materials are not permitted in the housing unit.

Commissary Items

Special limits apply for items such as stamps, books, etc.

All Commissary items must be stored in an inmate’s individual locker.

Food Storage

Food items that are left open create a health hazard. These items must be properly sealed at all times. Containers must be disposed of immediately upon being emptied of their original content.

Letters, Books, Photographs, Newspaper and Magazines

An inmate will be limited to five magazines less than three months old, five books (excluding current school and VT books) and newspapers less than two weeks from the publishing date. One picture in a frame without glass may be displayed. Nothing is to be tacked, glued, or scotch taped to any surface outside of the lockers.

Sports and Medical Equipment

A limited amount of sports equipment and a harmonica may be maintained in the unit. Inmates are allowed to play musical instruments in designated musical areas only.

Radios and Watches

An inmate may not own or possess more than one approved radio, one set of headphones and one watch at any one time. Proof of ownership through appropriate property receipts will be required. Watches may not have a value exceeding $100.00. Radios with a tape recorder and/or tape player are not authorized. Only walkman-type radios are permitted, and headphones are required at all times.


Inmates may have a plain wedding band (without stones) and, with prior approval, a chain and religious medal without stones. The value of these items is not to exceed $100.00 each.
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