FCI Cumberland Substance Abuse Programs

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Programs Available

There are many alternatives for inmates who have personal problems and desire to correct them. These options include Narcotic’s and Alcoholic’s Anonymous, Wellness programs and other voluntary groups. Inmate participation in these activities will be encouraged upon staff’s assessment of inmate needs, but participation in such activities is voluntary. However, when recommended by the inmates Unit Team, they are strongly encouraged to participate. Staff in each unit are available for informal counseling sessions and formal group counseling activities.

Drug Education Program

Inmates who were sentenced or had release revoked after September 1991, and meet one of the following criteria are required to participate in substance abuse counseling (the Drug Education Program):

Have a judicial recommendation for institutional drug treatment
Drug or alcohol use contributed to the commission of the instant offense
Drug or alcohol use was one of the reasons for a violation of supervised release, parole, or community corrections center placement

Other interested inmates may contact the Drug Abuse Counselor by Copout to express their desire to participate in the Program.

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)

Residential Drug Abuse treatment is available to any inmate who qualifies for admission based on documentation of a history of severe substance abuse. FCI Cumberland has a Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program which is based in Unit D-2. This is an intensive nine-month treatment program which also includes a community corrections component of up to six months of communitybased treatment. Non-violent offenders are also eligible for a sentence reduction of up to one year upon successful completion of this program. Inmates who are not eligible for placement in a half-way house are also not eligible for residential program participation. The presence of detainers and pending charges generally precludes an inmate from participating in residential treatment. Such issues must be resolved by the inmate prior to application for the program.

Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program

Non-Residential drug abuse treatment is also available for inmates at FCI Cumberland. This program is designed for inmates who wish to receive treatment for substance abuse problems, but who do not qualify for residential drug treatment, lack sufficient time remaining on their sentence for participation in residential drug treatment or who have too much time remaining on their sentence for participation in residential drug treatment. A financial incentive of $30 is awarded to each participant upon completion of this program.

Alcoholics Anonymous/Narcotics Anonymous

In addition, AA/NA is offered on a twice weekly basis in the Chapel. This is an inmate-facilitated program sponsored by Psychology Services. An inmate can enroll in any Psychology Service program including drug treatment services by submitting to cop-out to Psychology. The cop-out can simply be addressed to “Psychology” and staff will direct it to the appropriate staff member.

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