FCI Danbury Programs

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Community Programs / Programas de la Comunidad

The primary community program available at FCI Danbury is transfer to a Community Corrections Center, provided you meet the criteria. Only inmates designated to this facility will be considered for placement in this program. Eligibility for participation will be considered by your Unit Team. The Warden is the final approving authority for participation in any community based program for designated inmates.

Los programas principales de la comunidad que estan disponibles en FCI Danbury, son pases y transferencias para la comunidad, siempre y cuando usted qualifique. Normalmente Los presos designados a esta institution seran considerados para uno de estos programas. La eleccion para participar en estos programs va hacer seleccionado por el equipo de la unidad. El Director General dara la aprobacion final para participar en el programa.

Release Preparation Program / Programa de Preparacion para la Libertad

Inmates who are within 30 months of their release will attend an institutional Pre-Release Program. The program will include speakers from the Community Corrections Center, Education Department, United States Probation Office, Human Resources, Financial Management, Facilities, Health Services, Recreation, and Inmate Systems Department.

Information relevant to your pending release to either the Community Corrections Center or community based supervision term (Mandatory Release, Parole, Supervised Release), will be disseminated. In addition, you will also attend a Unit Pre-Release Program, which will provide you with additional information to assist you in preparing for your release.

Presos que le falten un año hoy 30 meses bajo para salir en libertad participaran en el Programa de Preparacion Para la Libertad. El programa incluye participantes del Centro Correccional Comunitario, Departamento de Educacion,, Oficina de Probacion y Departamento de Recibimiento.

Informacion relevante a su libertad ya sea al centro comunitario, o por libertad mandatoria, parol, o libertad supervisada sera diseminada. Ademas usted participara en el programa de preparacion para la; libertad, que le informara y le dara opciones para asistirlo durante su preparacion para la libertad.

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