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Job Assignments

There are various job assignments available at Dublin that are designed to meet the needs of the institution. These jobs often provide excellent opportunity to earn money, learn skills and develop positive work habits. Upon completion of Admission and Orientation Program, inmates are assigned a temporary job assignment by their Unit Team, pending medical clearance from Health Services. When medically cleared, all inmates will be assigned to a detail. All job assignments will be based on institution needs.

UNICOR/Federal Prison Industries

Presently, there are two UNICOR operations at FCI Dublin.

Call Center
The Call Center processes incoming phone calls for directory assistance. Inmates will receive training in customer service, sales, and telephone manners and techniques. They will also learn to use a computer and practice typing for accuracy. This factory is open seven (7) days a week. Operating hours are 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM with the exception of weekends when the factory is open 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM Call Center agents normally work five (5) days a week.


The Distribution Center provides services for retail distribution, sorting and fulfillment. Inmates gain skills in repackaging, warehouse operations, storage and inventory management. Work hours are Monday thru Friday from 6:10 AM to 1:50 PM

Some of the benefits of working for UNICOR are the following: gaining valuable job skills, paid government holidays, vacation credit, education scholarships and bonuses. Also, Industrial Good Time is available to certain inmates sentenced before November 1, 1987. (Questions regarding Good Time should be directed to inmates Case Manager). Each factory gives workers a 45 minute unpaid lunch break. An inmate is paid overtime for hours worked beyond eight (8) on a scheduled workday and all hours worked on either of two scheduled days off.

Some restrictions on UNICOR employment are as follows:

If an inmate receives a 100 or a 200-series incident report, she may not work UNICOR for 90 days or longer and will lose all accumulated longevities.

All inmates who are under an order of deportation, exclusion or removal is ineligible to work in UNICOR unless the Attorney General has determined that the designated country will not accept their return.

In making job and/or program assignments, staff will consider the institution’s operational needs, security, and protection of the public.

For more information regarding UNICOR, review Policy Statement 8120.02 WORK PROGRAMS FOR INMATES, FPI (Federal Prison Industries).
Inmates seeking employment with UNICOR must contact their Unit Team to obtain an application. Completed applications should be returned to the Case Manager. Case Managers will forward applications to UNICOR to be placed on a waiting list. Further questions regarding UNICOR operations should be addressed through an Inmate Request to Staff Member (Cop-Out) to UNICOR staff.

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