FCI Dublin Mental Health of Prisoners

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Psychology Program

The Psychology Services Department consists of the Chief Psychologist, Drug Abuse Program Coordinator, Staff Psychologists and Drug Treatment Specialists.

Screening New Commitments

All new inmates to the institution will be provided with a Psychology Services Questionnaire during the Admission and Orientation meeting. By policy, all new commitments will be seen by the Psychologist within fourteen (14) days of their arrival to the institution; inmates transferring from other Federal Institutions will be seen within thirty (30) days. Psychology screening is conducted on Wednesday mornings on a one-on-one basis.

Individual and Group Counseling

Psychology Services offers a variety of counseling groups and programs to assist inmates with their mental health adjustment. When appropriate, individual counseling may also be available to assist inmates in improving their mental health adjustment and institution functioning. The range of available programs will be discussed during the institution’s A&O program and during an inmate one-on-one screening interview with a Psychology staff member.

Inmate Suicide Cadre

Inmate suicide observers are responsible for monitoring an inmate who is placed on suicide watch; inmate observers are trained quarterly and work a four (4) hour suicide watch shift. Anyone interested should have at least one year left to serve on their sentence and submit a cop-out to the Chief Psychologist.

Trauma Treatment Program

Inmates with a history of trauma have three levels of treatment available to them. The introductory level is an eight-session trauma in life group. The second level of treatment is seeking safety safely which consists of twenty-six sessions. The third level of treatment is called CPT. Inmates must complete each level in order to proceed to the next. Inmates must have a history of childhood or adult sexual and/or physical abuse in order to participate.

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