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Work Assignment

After inmates complete their Admission and Orientation Program(A&O), they will be assigned to a work detail. On the date of your classification, the Classification Team will assign you to a permanent work detail. If possible, you will be assigned to the type of work which you prefer. However, you must be qualified for the work detail. The needs of the institution will be given first consideration when assigning you to a job assignment. Several facts that will be considered when assigning you to a job assignment are as follows:

  • Institution Needs
  • Previous Work Experience
  • Physical Condition
  • General Attitude
  • Education
  • Ability to Benefit from Training
  • Intelligence
  • Plans for the Future

Here are some of the work details and training available for you at FCI Edgefield:

  • Food Service – cooks, bakers, butchers, salad preparers,orderlies, dishwasher operators, clerks
  • Mechanical Services – electricians, plumbers, cement finishers,masons, mechanics, welders, painters, carpenters, laborers,clerks
  • Warehouse – clerks
  • Institution Hospital – orderlies
  • Education – librarians, clerks, orderlies
  • Clothing Room – clerks, clothing dispensers
  • Sanitation – sanitation workers
  • Institution Maintenance – landscape workers, building orderlies

To maintain a safe and healthful work environment, inmates are only authorized to possess personal protection equipment issued by the work supervisor when reporting to their assigned work detail. Inmates who are scheduled for callout will be allowed to have necessary items such as educational folders, books, supplies, approved religious items, etc.

If you wish to change your job assignment, you must submit a written request for a job change to your Unit Manager, Case Worker, or Counselor, on an Inmate Request to Staff Form (copout), what your present job assignment is, and to which job assignment you wish to be transferred. The copout must contain both the signature of your present Work Supervisor and the signature of the requested Work Supervisor.

Usually, job changes will be made only when there is an obvious need and benefit either to the institution, to you, or both. Normally job changes will become effective on Monday.

Performance and Unicor Pay

If you are assigned to a paid work assignment, you may be awarded Performance Pay if your Work Supervisor recommends you for it.
Performance Pay

  • Grade 4 – $.12
  • Grade 3 – $.17
  • Grade 2 – $.29
  • Grade 1 – $.40
  • $5.25 Maintenance Pay


  • Grade 5 – $.23
  • Grade 4 – $.46
  • Grade 3 – $.69
  • Grade 2 – $.92
  • Grade 1 – $1.15

These rates are subject to change according to Federal Bureau ofPrisons Policy. You will be paid only for those hours duringwhich your job performance is satisfactory. Each work detail has a specific number of positions allotted which are utilized toreceive performance pay.

If you are having problems concerning your performance pay, youshould report these problems immediately to your Supervisor.

Performance pay is ordinarily deposited in your Commissaryaccount within 10 working days after the end of the pay period.

For more detailed information, see Program Statement 5251.05,entitled Inmate Work and Performance Pay.

Those inmates in Financial Responsibility Program Refusal status can earn no more than maintenance pay. If you are working in Unicor and are on “Refusal” status, you will be dismissed from Unicor and will be reassigned to another work detail.

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