FCI Edgefield Substance Abuse Programs

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FCI Edgefield Drug Abuse Programs

There are four levels of Drug Abuse Programming within the Bureauof Prisons.

  • Drug Education Program
  • Non-Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program
  • Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program
  • Non-Residential Transitional Services

Drug Education Program

This program is offered at FCI and FPC Edgefield. The purpose of the program is to:
1) Assist you in getting straight information on drugs,
2) Help you make an honest assessment of the cost/benefits of drug use, and
3) Point you in the right direction of getting additional counseling.

The drug education program is required if:

  1. There is evidence in your PSI that alcohol or other drug use contributed to the commission of your instant offense.
  2. Alcohol or drug use was a reason for violation of your supervision or OP community (RRC Placement) for which you are now incarcerated.
  3. Your judge recommended drug programming during your incarceration.

In addition, you may volunteer to take this class. If youinterested in participating in the Drug Education Program you may submit an inmate request to the DTS or DAP Coordinator. You will be selected to participate based on your projected release date. The class is approximately 40 hours in and requires you to passa final test at the end of the course. You will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the class.

Non-Residential Programs

This program is a voluntary program for individuals who are noteligible or not interested in participating in the residential drug abuse treatment program. There are various tiers of this portion of drug programming.

  1. The Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program shall include a minimum of one hour of individual or group contacts each month as indicated by a treatment plan.
  2. You will develop a treatment plan together with a Drug Treatment Specialist. The treatment plan may include either individual or group programming, interpersonal skill building, errors in thinking, anger management, and pre-release planning.
  3. Occasionally, an outside guest is scheduled to present on various topics that are relevant to drug programming (please watch the unit bulletin boards for announcements).

If you are interested in Non Residential Drug Abuse Programming, please submit an inmate request to DAP Coordinator.

Residential Drug Abuse Programs

The Residential Drug Abuse Program is a comprehensive substance abuse program. The program provides an intensive, unit-based treatment experience provided by Drug Treatment Specialists, a Residential DAP Coordinator, and other institution staff. Although the length of particular programs may vary between six to 12 months, all require 500 hours of treatment.

The treatment includes modules intended to improve your thinking skills, decision making skills, interpersonal communication, and wellness. You will develop a better understanding of issues related to substance abuse, family dynamics, and relapse prevention. There is a significant effort to develop a treatment plan which addresses your needs. If If you are interested in this program, you must meet the following requirements:

Requirements to Participate in the Program (not all inclusive):

  1. Documented history of substance abuse within 12 months prior to your incarceration.
  2. Within 36 months of your projected release date.
  3. Must sign an agreement acknowledging your program responsibility.

Requirements to Qualify for Sentence Reduction (not all inclusive):

  1. Qualify to participate in the residential program (above).
  2. No violence in your instant offense or prior criminal history which include: felony or misdemeanor convictions for homicide,forcible rape, aggravated assault, robbery, or child sexual abuse offenses.
  3. If your instant offense involves a firearm possession (922g,924c, etc.) you will not be eligible for 3621 (e) early release. This is considered a crime of violence as contained in the Categorization of Offenses Program Statement 5162.04.
  4. Completion of Transitional Services (when time permits).
  5. No 100 or 200 level incident reports while participating orfollowing completion of the program.
  6. Participation in a full 6 months of RRC placement when available.
  7. Participation in a substance abuse program while in RRC.
  8. No detainers lodged against you.

Within the Southeast Region, if you are determined eligible for the program, your name will be placed on the DAP WAIT list (this code follows you to every institution).
Based on your projected release date, the Region will determine when and where you may participate in the Residential Drug Abuse Program.You will not be sent to another region to participate.

The Residential Drug Abuse Programs are housed at the following locations:
Minimum Security: FPC Edgefield, SC; FPC Talladega, Alabama;FPC Montgomery, Alabama; FPC Eglin, FloridaLow Security: FCI Coleman, Florida Medium Security: FCI Marianna, Florida

**Based on the above information, if you are interested in the program and within 36 months of release, please submit an inmate request to Psychology.

Transitional Services

Ordinarily, upon completion of the Residential Drug Abuse Program, you will be transferred back to your sending institution to participate in monthly sessions of transitional services for up to 12 months or until release. You will be required to participate in transitional services while at the RRC as well. These classes are held here at FCI/FPC Edgefield. Please submit an inmate request to the Psychology Department. if you are required to participate in transitional services.

If you have any further questions regarding the Bureau of Prisons, Drug Abuse Program, please refer to Program Statement 53310.10.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for early release, please refer to Program Statement 5162.04,Categorization of Offenses (Note Section 7 which lists offenses that in the Director’s discretion shall preclude an inmate’s receiving certain Bureau program benefits).

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