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Mail is processed Monday through Friday, except federal holidays. All mail must include the inmate’s committed name, register number, and quarters. Inmates are not allowed special mail privileges, i.e., overnight delivery services, express mail, etc. Inmates are allowed to certify mail. These services are treated as regular mail. Stamps are sold in the commissary. No stamps will be allowed to be mailed to the institution from outside sources. Authorized mail includes letters, magazines, and paperback books. At the FCI, newspapers and hardcover books must come directly from the publisher or book store. Magazines, paperback books, brochures, newsletters and flyers must also come directly from the publisher, book store or book club. Inmates must pay for magazines, newspapers, and other subscriptions at the time the order is placed (i.e., no “bill me later” orders).Inmates are expected to include a complete return address on the return portion of outgoing envelopes as shown below:

Inmate name
Register number
Federal Correctional Institution (May not abbreviate)
P.O. Box 1500 El Reno, Oklahoma 73036

Outgoing mail placed in any institution mail depository, which does not include the above required information in the return address section, will be returned to the inmate for correction.

Unauthorized mail includes correspondence with other inmates without written approval. Other examples of unauthorized mail include musical greeting cards, Polaroid photos, nude personal photos, publications depicting nude photos (as described by federal law in the Ensign Amendment), plant material, items which cannot be inspected, etc. All unauthorized mail which arrives at this facility will be returned by mail room staff to the sender, along with a rejection form explaining why the mail was rejected. Inmates need written authorization before they may mail or receive packages. A package is defined by policy as anything over 16 ounces, or packed in a box or padded envelope. Packages or publications without authorization or not mailed from authorized sources will not be picked up at the post office by mailroom staff and the U.S. postal staff will return to the sender as refused. Authorization to mail out a package may be obtained from your unit team. The authorization to receive a package must be completed by the unit team and approved by the inmate systems manager. Only those items that were approved may be included in the package.

An inmate must be in the unit to receive his mail. Outgoing mail must be in the unit mailbox by 10:00 p.m. each evening. Inmates are not permitted to draw or write messages on outgoing envelopes. Incoming mail will not be distributed on Saturday, Sunday, or on holidays. Inmates who receive legal or special mail will be placed on call-out to the mail room to pick it up. Inmates must deliver their outgoing special mail directly to mail room staff, Monday through Friday between 11:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m. at the FCI mail room. Inmates housed at the camp are to deliver their special mail directly to the mail room staff Monday through Friday between 10:15 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. at the outside mail room. Inmates may seal their outgoing special mail before submitting it directly to staff for further processing. Inmates are responsible for providing staff with their inmate account card to verify their identity as the name on the return address. Incoming legal mail must be identified and marked “LEGALMAIL – OPEN ONLY IN PRESENCE OF INMATE.” In order to be treated as legal mail, it must also be from a clearly identifiable sender who has legal mail privileges.

When an inmate transfers from another federal institution, his property is usually mailed from the previous institution the day after his departure. As soon as the property arrives at FCI, El Reno, the inmate will be placed on call-out to receive the property authorized for retention. Different institutions allow different personal property. If any property is not allowed at this facility, the inmate will be given the opportunity to mail it to a third party at his expense.

The main institution open house hours for both the mail room and the records office are from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., every Tuesday and Thursday. Inmate systems management staff are available to answer questions at the camp during the noon meal on Fridays.

Inmate Telephone System (TRUFONE)

Inmates may submit telephone number request forms for up to 30numbers, and forms may be submitted once per month. Illegible and/or incomplete forms will be returned to the inmate. Each form must be approved by unit staff. Phone request forms are authorized and keyed into TRUFONE within five working days under normal circumstances. The automated inquiry machine (AIM), located in front of the sales unit, enables an inmate to view the phone numbers on his list. Camp inmates may use the AIM located near the main television room.

Each inmate will be provided a nine-digit PAC number for accessing TRUFONE, and instructions regarding the use of this system. The PAC number is confidential and should not be shared with other inmates. If an inmate feels at any time his PAC number has been compromised, he should immediately report this to a unit staff member. When a replacement PAC number is needed due to inmate negligence, a $5.00 fee will be charged to the inmate via a Request for Withdrawal of Inmate’s Personal Funds (BP-199).

TRUFONE credits are sold using the TRUFONE system (instructions provided throughout the institution) and must be purchased in even dollar amounts. The TRUFONE credits are deducted from an inmate’s commissary account and transferred to the TRUFONE account immediately. Transfers may be made from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
any day of the week. It is each inmate’s responsibility to verify the correctness of the amount transferred at the time of purchase.

An inmate may dial “118″ and PAC number at any time to check account information. This will give the amount of the last call made and the balance of the TRUFONE account after the call was placed. This may be done after each call to check for discrepancies. Inmates will not receive a monthly statement listing phone calls, but may request a statement covering a 30-day period for a $3.00 charge, to be paid using a BP-199.

Inmate telephones for general population are operable during the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week. Limitations on phone availability in the housing units during the work week are also in place. Inmates are required to call from their assigned unit only. All calls will automatically end after 15 minutes of conversation or upon depletion of TRUFONE funds. The telephones are closed during count and in case of institution emergencies.

Telephone rates are posted throughout the institution. Charges do not begin accruing until the called party has accepted the call by pressing “5″. Each time a call is placed, the called party will hear a pre-recorded message which states, “This call is from a federal prison” and at the end of the message the person has the option of pressing “5″ to accept the call, hang up, or pressing “77″ to block any future calls from the inmate in question. For international calls, the called party is not required to press the number “5″ to accept the call. If the person enters “77″, the number may only be unblocked by a request in writing from the party who accomplished the block. A copy of a phone bill for the number blocked must also be provided with the written request for block removal.

Three-way calls and calls to 800 series and 900 series numbers are not allowed. An incident report will be written on any inmate caught making a three-way call or circumventing the system by asking a person to make a call using another phone.

When an inmate is released or transferred, his TRUFONE credits are deducted from his TRUFONE account and returned to his TRUFACS account. Requests to return TRUFONE credits to TRUFACS accounts should be submitted in writing to the trust fund supervisor, and each request will be reviewed according to policy guidelines.

The TRUFONE telephones are expensive, and an inmate who damages a telephone will receive an incident report and sanctions. The unit in which the phone is damaged will also be without one of the phones until repairs can be made.


Inmates must comply with all program rules and procedures to use the TRULINCS computers. Each inmate must sign the Inmate Agreement for Participation in TRULINCS Program, Form BP-0934. By signing, the inmate has demonstrated his understanding of the program rules and procedures. Participation in TRULINCS is voluntary.
Inmates my exchange messages with persons in the community who are on the inmate’s approved electronic messaging list, once these individuals consent to receiving and sending messages and comply with all program rules and procedures.

An electronic messaging is billed as one TRU-Unit per minute of session time, and printing is billed as three TRU-Units per page. Each unit costs an inmate five cents (.05). Inmates are required to purchase units of time to use TRULINCS, in unit increments of 40, 100, 200, 300, and 600. Inmates are limited to a maximum of 600 units per month. Requests for refunds of fund transfers or reprints of messages should be directed to the Trust Fund Supervisor.

The hours of operation will be 6:00 am until 10:00 pm daily. Inmates must consent to have all incoming and outgoing electronic messages monitored, read and retained by Bureau staff.

An inmate may be permitted to correspond via electronic messaging with an inmate confined in a BOP facility if the other inmate is either a member of the immediate family or a party or witness in a legal action in which both inmates are involved. The appropriate unit managers at each institution must approve this correspondence in writing before the link will be established by Trust Fund staff.

Inmates are required to place a TRULINCS-generated mailing label on all outgoing Postal mail, with the exception of inmates housed in the Special Housing Unit. Inmates are not to use TRULINCS system to generate their return address on a label. Any inmate printing return labels may be subject to disciplinary action.

Questions or concerns concerning the use of the TRULINCS system should be directed to the Trust Fund Supervisor.

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