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The Federal Prison Industries (Unicor) was established by Congress in1934 to provide employment and training for inmates. Unicor produces products and services for sale to other government agencies. FCI, El Reno has a metal factory which employs approximately several hundred inmates.

Inmates must be programmed for assignment to Unicor by their unit team. The inmates are placed on a waiting list and will be considered for employment when their name nears the top of the list.

Inmates assigned to Unicor will be required to participate in the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program (IFRP) to repay debts to the government, or to satisfy fines imposed by the courts. Inmates in the IFRP will be required to repay obligations at the rate of 50% of their industrial earnings. The IFRP is maintained by the institution business office and participants are identified by their unit team.

Unicor demands a responsible work attitude, good work habits, and quality finished products from each inmate. Inmates are required to operate machinery safely. Monthly safety meetings are mandatory. Safety shoes, safety glasses, and hearing protection are required. Inmate pay promotions are based on attitude, quality of work, initiative, work habits, ability, attendance, and certain academic requirements. Inmates who do not possess a high school diploma, or GED credential may not be promoted above the fourth pay grade level.

Mechanical Services

The maintenance, repair, and renovation of all existing institutional grounds and buildings at FCI, El Reno are the responsibility of the Facilities Department. The planning and development of new construction projects also falls under the duties handled by our department.

The Facilities Department provides for the needed repair, or preventive maintenance of the buildings, grounds, and support equipment which belongs to the institution. The care and oversight ofthe vehicle fleet, and the distribution of utilities and their upkeep are also the department’s responsibility.

The Facilities Department is staffed by 25 civilian employees with more than 300 years of experience. Over 1,100,000 square feet of building space, 4,200 acres of property, 48 acres inside the perimeter fence, and over 20 ponds, lakes and lagoons are maintained. The department is directed by the facility manager. Working for the facility manager is one general foreman, an engineering technician, and a facilities assistant. The general foreman is responsible for the maintenance and construction at the institution. The engineering technician handles all design and drafting work as well as statistical reports and surveys. The facilities assistant oversees the monthly reporting and the computer maintenance tracking system (CMMS), as well as all department records and budgeting. There are over 20 trades represented in the Facilities Department. These trades are carpentry, construction, electrical, plumbing, paint, metal works and machining, landscaping, communications, electronics, refrigeration, HVAC, boiler operations, utilities maintenance, automotive and transportation, computer aided design, steam fitter, heavy equipment operations, and many others.

Each shop is supervised by one or more detail foremen, who are responsible for the progress and production of that shop. The detail foreman supervises an inmate crew and sets work priorities for the shop. The detail foreman maintains pay grades and hours worked, and keeps reports on inmates in his crew.

Carpenter Shop

The carpenter shop makes and repairs items which are wood or wood-based. Assignments include cabinets, desks, lockers, window frames, tables, frames and plaques.

Electric Shop

The electric shop is responsible for electrical service once it has been provided to the buildings. This shop also repairs and services all electrical motors and equipment such as fans, lights, and circuit boxes.

Machine Shop

The machine shop fabricates and repairs items made of metal using welding, cutting, stamping, machining, and lathing. This shop also installs the items it produces.

Paint Shop

The paint shop uses brush roller, and other various paint application techniques desired within the institution.

Plumbing Shop

The plumbing shop maintains, repairs, and installs or remodels all plumbing systems at FCI, El Reno.

Outside Facilities

This area is located south of the FCI and stores material, equipment and supplies. Special projects may be assigned to this shop by the facility manager.


The transportation center is operated at the camp just outside of the rear gate, and maintains the institution’s vehicle fleet and fuel supply.

Construction Shops

The construction shops are responsible for a wide variety of work. These shops provide the institution with preventive maintenance to buildings and systems. They also are available for the construction of new buildings. Renovation of existing areas also falls under their responsibilities. Their fields of work include concrete, masonry, tile, sheet rock, wood framing, roofing, doors, glass and more.

Compound Maintenance

This shop cares for all lawns, shrubs, trees and plants. The compound maintenance shop also maintains the cleanliness of the institution grounds.

Camp Maintenance

The camp maintenance shop provides for the care, maintenance, repair, and remodeling of all buildings and equipment that are outside the main institution. All utilities, heavy equipment, new construction and renovation is their responsibility, as well as the staff housing.


This office is responsible for all phones, radios, and electronics at the institution.


The outside landscape crew performs all grounds keeping for the camp, outside institution, and staff housing.

Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

This shop installs, repairs, maintains, and upgrades all refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems.

Steam Fitter

The steam fitter shop performs installation, repair, and maintenance of all steam pipes and steam operated equipment at the institution.


The powerhouse operates boilers, water purification, incoming electrical, and main gas lines at the institution.

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