FCI El Reno Personal Property

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Authorized Inmate Personal Property


W = White
G = Grey
C = Commissary Only
B = Black
BW = Combination
I = BOP Issued

Bathrobe, WG (no hoods) c (1) Cap, Baseball, WG (no logos) c (1)
Shoes, Athletic/Specialty, (W) (B) (BW) ($100 value maximum/no pumps/no pockets) court, turf, running shoe c (2 pr) Shoes, Casual c (1 pr)
Shoes, Shower, WG, c , (1 pr) Shoes, Slippers (colorless) c (1 pr)
Shoes, Work c, (1), (I), (1) Shorts, Gym, WG c (2)
Socks, Tube, W c (5) Sweatshirt, G (pullover/no hoods/cotton)(C)(2) (no logos)
Sweatpants, G (cotton) c (2) (no logos) T-Shirts/Sleeveless Undershirts, WG (no pockets/no logos) c (5)
Underwear, W (boxers or briefs) c (7) Handkerchief, (white only), (5)
Personally Owned Items
Address Book c (1) Alarm Clock (non-electric) c (1)
Bag, Athletic Tote c (1) no logo Batteries c (4)
Books (hard/soft) (5) Book/Reading Light c (1)
Bowl (plastic/24 oz or less) c (1) Calculator, Small (electronically unsophisticated, inexpensive, non-print feature/battery or solar operated) c (1)
Language Translator, (small, electronically unsophisticated, inexpensive, non-print feature/battery, or solar operated),(c), (1) Calendar, Small (1)
Comb/Pick (plastic) c (2) Combination Lock c (1)
Shaving Bag c (1) Cup (plastic) c (1)
Dentures (1 set) Earplugs c (1 set)
Envelopes c (1 box) Eyeglasses (no stones) (2 pair)
Eyeglass Case (2) Hairbrush c (1)
Hangers (plastic) c (5) Headphones c (1)
Jug (plastic/1 gal) c (1) Laundry Bag (mesh) c (1)
Letters (25) Mirror (small/plastic) c (1)
Pen, Ballpoint c (2) Pencils c (2)
Photo Album/Scrapbook c (1) Photos (single-faced) (25)
Picture Frame (clear plastic) c (2) Playing Cards c (2 decks)
Radio W/Earplugs (walkman-type) c (1) Stamps c total value equivalent to (60, 1st Class)
Sunglasses (non-reflective) c (1) Towel (white/large) c (1)
Watch ($100 maximum value, no stones, electronically unsophisticated, i.e. inability to send signals) c (1) Watchband c (1)
Wedding Band (no stones/white/yellow metal) (1) Writing Tablet c (2)
Hygiene Items
Dental Floss and/or Pick (unwaxed) c (1 container) Denture Adhesive c (1)
Denture Brush c (1) Denture Cleaner/Powder c (1)
Denture Cup c (1) Deodorant c (2)
Lens Cloth c (1) Nail Clippers (no file) c (1)
Razor c (1) Scissors, Mustache (blunt tip) c (1)
Sewing Kit c (1) Soap, Bar c (3)
Soap Dish c (1) Toothbrush c (1)
Toothbrush Holder c (1) Toothpaste c (2 tubes)
Tweezers (blunt tip) c (1)
Recreational Items
Athletic Supporter c (2) Gloves (fingerless/athletic) c (1)
Gloves (handball) c (2) Harmonica c (1)
Mouth Piece c (1) Eye Protection c (1)
Softball Glove c (1) Headbands/Sweatbands (white) c (2)
Knee Wraps c (2) Racquetballs (2 cans of 2) c (4)
Tennis Balls (can of 3) c (1) Weightlifting Belt c (1)
Weightlifting Gloves c (1) Weightlifting Wraps c (2)
Knitting/crochet needles c (1) Tools for Bead Work c (1)
Yarn, Embroidery, Hoops/needles c (1 set)
Other Items
Chocolate (instant) c (10 packets) Coffee (instant/jar/container, unopened) c (1)
Coffeemate (jar/container, unopened) c (1) Tea (instant/jar/container, unopened) c (1)
Non-perishable commissary items sealed in unopened, original containers may also be transported or shipped.
Inmate Personal Property “For Local Use Only” at FCI, El Reno
Thermal pants (2) Thermal shirts (2)
Gloves (1 Pair), grey or white, cloth only (no vinyl or leather fabric)
Personally Owned Items
Contact lens (clear/prescribed) (2 pair) Contact lens solution (1 bottle)
Magazines (10) (to include any religious magazines) May only be retained 90 days from the printed date on the magazine. Newspapers (4)
Photo tickets (20) Greeting cards (20), distributed by religious services
Copier card (3) Can opener
Any item sold in local commissary

Hygiene Items

Hygiene items will consist of items listed on the weekly trust fund list.

Food Items

Food items will consist of items listed on weekly trustfund list.

Recreational Items

Drawing/drafting/plotting/color pencils/mechanical pencils
Music books, sheet music
Yarn, limit (4) skeins
Musical instruments (NOTE: This item will no longer be sold at this institution, and only inmates with proof of purchase prior to February 7, 1996,will be allowed to retain possession until release or transfer from this institution.)

Storage Space

Each inmate is limited to that property which may bestored in the institution provided locker. Each room will have one locker per inmate. An inmate is allowed to retain that authorized personal property which the inmate may neatly and safely store in his locker. Trust fund purchases are to be neatly stored in the assigned unit locker. Items not stored in the locker will be considered contraband and will be confiscated. Under no circumstances will any materials be accumulated to the point where they become a fire or security hazard, or detrimental to sanitation or good housekeeping. Questionable items must have the approval for entry as determined bythe case management coordinator.


Three sets of issued clothing is the allowable amount. Clothing must be stored in a locker and shoes must be placed under the bed. Institution issued clothing may be hung neatly on the provided wall hooks. Only institution issued clothing may be hung on the provided wall hooks. Excessive clothing will be confiscated.

Special Purchase Items

Two pairs of tennis shoes, two sweat suits,and three t-shirts, sold through the trust fund sales unit, will be allowed. Tennis racquets and shoes should be stored under the bed. All other special purchase items must be stored in the locker.

Trust Fund Sales Unit (Commissary) Items

The accumulative amount allowed for storage is one month’s authorized purchases. All trust fund items must be stored in the locker. Anything in excess of the allowable amount, or anything without a receipt, will be confiscated and an incident report will be written.

Radios and Watches

An inmate may not possess, or own, more than one approved radio or watch at any time. Proof of ownership through a Form 40 and/or trust fund sales unit receipt(s) will be required. The inmate’s identifying number will be etched on these articles by trust fund sales unit staff at time of sale. Any alteration of identification will cause the article to be considered contraband and will lead to confiscation.

Legal Material

Legal materials will be placed in the locker. Any exception for additional locker space must be approved by the unit manager. When staff determine that an inmate has an excessive amount of paperwork that may create a fire hazard, pose a sanitation problem, or prevent effective searches, the inmate will be required to specify the material needed for current litigation. The excess will be discarded or mailed home at the inmate’s expense. Legal material will be allowed in accordance with Bureau of Prisons policy.

Correspondence and Reading Materials

A total of five hard/softbooks, including religious books, will be allowed. Not more than a total of ten magazines and four newspapers, including religious, maybe accumulated. Education materials for current correspondence courses (approved by the Education Department at this institution) are exempt from this requirement. However, once a course is completed, associated books and materials must be removed from the living unit and mailed home at the inmate’s expense. All reading materials will be stored in the locker.

Personal Photos

An inmate may possess photographs, subject to storage space, and so long as they are not detrimental to personal safety and security, or to the orderly running of the institution. Nude or sexually suggestive photos (individual prints or copies, as opposed to those from publications) present a special concern for personal safety, security, and good order. This is particularly true when the subject is a relative, friend, or acquaintance of an inmate. For these reasons, an inmate ordinarily will not be permitted to retain, receive or possess, a personal photograph in which the subject is nude, displays genitalia, female breasts, or where the photo depicts suggestive acts such as intercourse, fellatio, or sodomy. The warden will determine the exclusion of this, or similar materials, on the basis of the standard of whether the material would be detrimental to an individual’s personal safety, security, or to institutional good order, if it were in the inmate’s possession.

Possession of Electronic Items

The unauthorized possession, manufacture, or introduction of electronic items, and components of electronic items, such as MP3 players, chargers, cell phones, and SIM cards, etc., constitutes a prohibited act under the inmate discipline system. Such unauthorized possession, manufacture, or introduction may be sanctioned as, among other things, a Code 108, Possession, Manufacture, or Introduction of a Hazardous Tool, or Conduct Which Disrupts and Interferes with the Security or Orderly Running of a BOP Facility.

Special Housing Unit (SHU)

For reasons of security, fire safety and good housekeeping the amount of inmate personal property allowed in the special housing unit will be limited.

To ensure safe and secure living areas a fire/safety and sanitation inspection is conducted weekly. A fire drill is conducted in the special housing unit on a quarterly basis.

Each inmate is required to make his bed every morning. Inspections will be made each morning, and anyone found in violation will be subject to disciplinary action. Inmates are allowed to lie on top of the bed and use the blanket for cover. Inmates must maintain their cell in a sanitary condition, and cleaning supplies will be provided on a regular basis. All items issued on the food tray will be returned when the trays are picked up after each meal. Writing or attaching anything to walls, destroying issued clothing, bedding or other government property will not be tolerated. Lights and windows may not be covered.

Written requests must be submitted to staff for use of the phone, law library and for haircuts. Laundry and bedding are issued on a one-for-one basis. Each inmate is responsible for all items issued. The retention of excess laundry items will not be allowed. Recreation will be terminated for any inmate who must leave the recreation area for any reason (i.e., restroom, etc.).

In the event of a fire, all special housing unit cells are equipped with fire suppression sprinklers. If it is determined that the special housing unit must be evacuated, all inmates will be restrained, moved through the nearest fire exit, and secured in the outside recreation cages.

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