FCI El Reno Religious Programs

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The chapel is staffed by professional chaplains endorsed by a specific religious authority. Although they have their own religious traditions, the chaplains facilitate religious practice for all inmates at the institution. A chaplain is on duty or on call everyday to provide pastoral care, worship services, or program supervision. Assisting the chaplains are volunteers and contract personnel who represent a number of religious faith groups. Inmates may request to see a minister of a specific religious faith, and arrangements can usually, but not always, be made to do so.

The chapel complex is open at scheduled times for a variety of uses. With certain limitation, inmates may come to the chapel on call-out during times they are assigned for work or other programs. During regular pass periods, if they are otherwise free to move about the compound, inmates may also come to the chapel when it is scheduled to be open.

Besides worship services and programs, the chaplains provide services such as personal and family counseling, crisis intervention, and emergency contacts for/with inmates/families. The chapel schedule is posted in the units, recreation and education facilities, and is available for personal distribution. Public notice is also given concerning special chapel sponsored programs.

The chapel and the various programs exist for the moral and spiritual growth of inmates. The chaplains are here to assist and encourage spiritual growth within those religious traditions chosen by the individual inmate. Inmates are encouraged to use the opportunities available for spiritual growth.

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