FCI El Reno Substance Abuse Programs

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Drug Education Program

An educational program which explains the different classifications of drugs and their impact on an individual’s lifestyles, physical health, and society at large. An overview of methods used to stop using drugs is covered, but this program is NOT a drug treatment program. This program is mandatory for inmates who meet certain criteria. If an inmate is mandated to attend the Drug Education Program and fails to do so, he will be held at the lowest pay grade throughout his incarceration and will not be allowed community activities such as furloughs or halfway house placement toward the end of incarceration for which he might otherwise qualify. However, anyone may volunteer for the Drug Education Program.

Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)

This is a course of individual and group activities provided by a team of drug abuse treatment specialists and the drug abuse treatment coordinator in a treatment unit which is set apart from the general prison population and lasts a minimum of 500 hours over a nine-month period. The satellite camp does not have an RDAP; however, camp inmates may be referred to other RDAP institutions when appropriate. All participants must adhere to program rules, behave in a manner consistent with the program philosophy and comply with the Bureau of Prisons rules and regulations. An inmate who successfully completes RDAP and meets the criteria in Program Statement 5330.11 may be eligible for early release by a period not to exceed 12 months. There is an effort made to obtain up to six months halfway house placement for graduates, during which one to four hours of drug counseling is required for aftercare as this is the time when an individual is most vulnerable to relapse.

The philosophy of RDAP is that the problem of drug abuse is not just a problem for chemical addiction, but it is one of lifestyle. The program aims at developing a lifestyle conducive to living free of drugs and crime. We believe that the focus of treatment for drug abuse is more than simply the drug abuse per se, but the lifestyle which supports the drug use. When a lifestyle supports drug use or criminal behavior, the focus of treatment must be the lifestyle, not simply the drug use. This program includes understanding drugs and what they do to a person. But more importantly, the program examines and facilitates change in every aspect of life, including thinking patterns, emotions, social and family relationships, physical wellness, criminal behavior, spirituality, and others. The focus is on learning alternatives in life and accepting responsibility for living the new alternatives.

Non-Residential Drug Abuse Program

This program is provided to inmates with a substance abuse problem who are not eligible or not interested in participating in RDAP. Participation in the non¬residential drug abuse treatment program is voluntary. This is a treatment program which covers a variety of issues related to drug abuse.
If an inmate would like more information or wishes to enroll in any of the drug abuse programs, he should visit the DAP Department.
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