FCI Englewood Employment

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Work Day

The work day varies from detail-to-detail; however, the majority of inmate work assignments are between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. This schedule applies Monday through Friday for the majority of the inmate population. Some inmates work later or earlier depending on their detail assignments. Saturdays and Sundays are the normal days off. Some individuals who work on weekends will have days off during the week. Holidays are spent as you wish, unless you are assigned to a work detail.

Job Assignments

There are numerous job assignments to meet the needs of the institution and provide an opportunity for you to learn employable skills and positive work habits. All inmates are required to work unless they are medically exempt. Normally, you will be given an initial job assignment upon completion of your Admission and Orientation Program. The Unit team makes all job assignments and job changes.

Occasionally, it may be necessary to assign you to a job based on institution needs; however, priority will be given to your requested assignment when possible. A job assignment is an important part of your program and work reports are submitted by your supervisor regularly. Many jobs offer an opportunity for learning skills in specialized areas such as plumbing, electric maintenance, and business procedures.

Performance Pay

Performance pay will be awarded to inmates who have demonstrated satisfactory work and performance. Pay is awarded by job classification pay grade level and is paid by the hour. Bonuses may be given at up to 50% of the amount paid for outstanding work.

Lump Sum Award

Lump Sum Awards may be given for actions or duties which are beyond the limits of how you are expected to perform in your regular work assignment. They may be for satisfactory performance of unusually hazardous assignments, acts which protect lives of employees, inmates or the property of the US, or suggestions that result in the substantial improvement of FCI Englewood programs or
financial savings.

Residentail Reentry Centers

Residential Reentry Centers (RRC) are located in major metropolitan centers throughout the United States. These centers have been very successful in helping inmates return to their communities. We carefully scrutinize inmates who may qualify for placement in a halfway house program. The programs of the RRCs emphasize responsibility, steady work, and gradual reintegration into the community. If you are transferred to a RRC you will work in the community and return to the center during off-duty hours. You are considered for RRC placement 17-19 months from release. Ordinarily, you are not eligible for placement in a RRC if you have a detainer, if your presence in the community might bring adverse criticism to you or the federal government, or if your institutional adjustment is poor. Additionally, refusal to participate in the Release Preparation Program (RPP) or the Financial Responsibility Program (FRP) will affect eligibility for or length of participation in community based programs.

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