FCI Englewood Programs

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Unit Programs

During your first few days here, you will meet your Unit team. The team is normally composed of the following staff members:
Unit Manager, Case Manager, Education Representative, Counselor, Unit Officer, and Secretary. The goal of your team is to classify you according to your needs. The Unit team will aid you in planning a program which will help you to help yourself successfully return to the community. The Unit team is also responsible for your case management decisions, custody changes, education programs, assignment to work details, and all other program activities.

1. Unit Manager: The Unit Manager is the unit administrator and is responsible for the supervision of the unit programs as well as the coordination of planning, developing, and implementing individual programs designed to meet the particular needs of each inmate in the unit. The Unit Manager supervises all unit staff and is available to you for consultation concerning any problems.

2. Case Management Coordinator: Although the case Management Coordinator (CMC) is not a member of the unit team, the CMC is regarded as an expert in the area of Correctional Programs. Should you have questions or concerns regarding specific issues relevant to your case, you may contact the CMC for guidance and information, after speaking to your unit team members. The CMC does not have office hours, but you may contact the CMC on a daily basis at mainline or send an Inmate Request to Staff Member Form (Cop-Out) to the CMC’s office.

3. Case Manager: The Case Manager is a professionally trained individual who can assist you with problems which arise from day-to-day, as well as assisting you in organizing a program and release plan. The Case Manager is responsible for discussing your concerns or problems with the Unit team.

4. Education Representative: An Education Representative is assigned part-time to your team. This individual will work with you in planning, enrolling, and participating in any academic and vocational training courses your program requires. All Education Representatives are located in the Education Department.

5. Correctional Counselor: Your Correctional Counselor helps you establish program goals and keeps the Unit team advised of your progress. Talking with your Counselor, either in group or individual counseling sessions, may help answer many questions and solve problems you may be having. The Counselor will likely be the staff member with whom you have the most contact.

6. Correctional Officer: The Correctional Officer is responsible for maintaining the security and custody of the institution and will often be your supervisor. Correctional Officers are interested in your welfare and you should feel free to discuss problems with them. If they cannot be of assistance, they will direct you to a staff member who may help. As a member of the Unit team, the Correctional Officer also submit periodic reports on your institutional adjustment.

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