FCI Estill Mental Health of Prisoners

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Intake Screenings: All inmates must complete a Psychology Services Intake Questionnaire (PSIQ) in R&D. Cadre inmates will
have a subsequent intake interview with a psychologist. The purpose of the intake interview is to gather information and to assess
the inmate’s current psychological functioning. After the interview, the psychologist prepares a brief written report. A copy of the
report is kept in the inmate’s psychology file and a copy is sent to the unit team.

Crisis Intervention: Psychologists are available to see inmates who are experiencing acute signs of distress.
Individual Counseling: Individual counseling services are available for any inmate experiencing family, interpersonal, adjustment
or other personal concerns.

Group Counseling: The Psychology Department provides educational and therapeutic groups that address special concerns faced by

These groups are:
1. Anger and Stress Management
2. Family Reunification Video Series
3. Communication Skills

Self-Referrals: For an inmate to self-refer to the Psychology Department, they must fill out an Inmate Request to StaJfform
addressed to the Psychology Department or psychology staff; and place it in the drop box on the unit. In emergency situations,
inmates should notify any staff member that they require immediate attention, so staff can contact Psychology Services.
Referrals by Staff: When a staff member believes an inmate will benefit from psychological counseling, they may refer the inmate
to the Psychology Department. Counseling is usually on a voluntary basis; however, in situations where the inmate poses a risk to
himself or others, or to the safety and security of the institution, psychology staff will take steps to ensure the safety of the inmate and

Other referrals: Inmates also may observe unusual behavior in other inmates that signal the need for a psychological intervention.
In these cases, inmates are encouraged to inform staff; so that the individual may receive the required assistance.

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