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Leisure/Personal Clothing

The gray sweat shirts, sweat pants, and T-shirts are considered personal clothing for leisure activities.
Personal clothing is not allowed to be worn with the khaki or food service whites uniform at any time. Monday through Friday from
7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. leisure clothing can only be worn in the housing units or the recreation area. Leisure clothing can only be
worn on the compound while going directly to or from the recreation area.

During non-business hours, defined as those hours after 4:00 p.m., weekends, and holidays, the type of clothing worn during these
hours is optional for alI off-duty inmates. Authorized leisure clothing (e.g., sweat pants, athletic shorts, sweat suits, gray T-shirts)
may be worn, with the exception of tank tops. Ail shirts worn on the compound will be tucked in. Shorts are limited to ones
purchased through the commissary (refer to the approved property list for retention in general population). Clothing such as sweat
pants, khaki pants, and sweat suit pants that have been cut into shorts are not allowed and are considered altered clothing. Wave
caps “doo rags” are only authorized for wear in your assigned unit. This type of headgear is not allowed on the compound or
recreation areas at any given time. All non-religious headgear will be removed upon entering any building.

When institution staff determines an inmate’s personal clothing is inappropriate because of being altered, extensive wear, damage,
improper fit, or unsuitable for security or sanitation reasons, the item(s) will be confiscated and mailed from the institution at the
inmate’s expense or disposed of in accordance with existing policies and procedures. A “Confiscation” form wiII be completed.

Personal Hygiene

The articles necessary for maintaining personal hygiene will be made available to you: e.g., toothpaste;
toothbrushes; combs; razors; and soap. Like items wiII also be available for sale through the commissary. There are no restrictions
for hair length, but your hair must be kept neat and clean. A barbershop is available for inmate use. The hours of operation will be
posted in each of the housing units and in the barbershop. We strongly encourage good personal hygiene at all times.
(Step 3.8.le)

Personal Property Limits

Items which may be retained by you are limited for sanitation, security, and safety reasons. These
limitations are to ensure excess personal property is not accumulated, which could constitute a fire hazard or impair staff searches of
your living area (please refer to the approved personal property list for general population). Any inmate personal property not
authorized at the time of admission can be replaced and purchased through the institution commissary. The only exceptions are
medical devices and release clothing. Ail personal property, including commissary items, wiII be stored in your locker. Boxes,
wooden items, and paper bags may not be kept within the living quarters.

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