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Recreation, and Leisure Programs

Recreation programs are supervised by the recreation supervisor under the direction of the supervisor of education. Programs include indoor and outdoor activities, individualized arts and crafts programs, music, table games, tournament and league events, intramural team sports in softball, basketball, and volleyball.

Recreation Yard

There will be movement to the recreation yard at 6:30 a.m., in conjunction food service workers, for those inmates not wanting to eat during the breakfast meal. This move will be a one way move and the inmates going to the recreation yard will not be allowed to leave until the 7:30 a.m. work call is announced.

Hobby craft Programs and Materials

The hobby craft area is located in the recreation leisure center. A variety of programs are available in recreation. You may obtain hobby craft material for the program in which you are authorized, but only though the Special Purpose Order Program. Classes are taught for leather, art, drawing, beadwork, and crochet. Materials for the classes are provided only when you have been formally enrolled in the class. Hobby craft materials will be stored in the hobby craft lockers. Participants of the unit hobby craft activities must store all materials in an assigned room locker. Participants who are authorized to participate in the hobby craft programs must provide a combination lock for the locker assigned. All completed projects must be disposed of within 30 days of completion. Only three projects can be active at any given time. All hobby craft items will be mailed at your expense through the mail-out program in recreation to an authorized visitor from your visiting list only. Selling hobby craft items or giving materials to other inmates is strictly prohibited. Completed projects are not allowed to be stored in housing unit room lockers. Everyone authorized to participate in the hobby craft programs or classes will abide by all rules and regulations or be removed for not following prescribed procedures. FCI Estill staff are not responsible for stolen items.

Sports and Musical Equipment

Athletic and music equipment are provided and maintained by recreation staff. You may purchase authorized items through the Special Purpose Order (SPa) Program. Playing cards can be purchased through the commissary and used in both recreation andlor the housing unit. One harmonica can be retained in the housing unit, but can only be played in the recreation areas.

Wellness Classes

The Wellness Program offered at Estill is a very unique one. It consists of classes that deal with one’s complete health. Topics covered are: nutrition, smoking cessation, anatomy, health promotion and disease prevention, aerobic exercise, etc. Submit an “Inmate Request to Staff’ to recreation in order to participate in any of these programs.

FCI Photo Program

Recreation coordinates the FCI Photo Program at the FCI and SCP. Inmates can purchase photo vouchers from the commissary during their regularly scheduled shopping day. Inmates wanting to take a picture will provide a signed voucher to a recreation specialist; recreation staff will verify the name and register number and have the photographer log the photo ticket onto the log sheet, prior to having any picture taken. All inmates must abide by the rules of the photo program; failure to do so may result in the confiscation of photos. At no time will an inmate be allowed to purchase a photo voucher and give it to another inmate to have his picture taken. The name of the inmate on the photo voucher must be the inmate taking the picture. Pictures can only be taken in the designated areas of the visiting rooms and where designated by the supervisor of recreation in recreation. Photographs will be permitted for groups, hobby craft items, and individuals. IOU’s will not be accepted for any reason. The following rules apply to taking pictures in the recreation yard: Individual and group photos will be permitted in the designated areas of the recreation yard only.

I. In order to take a group photo, the inmate paying for the photo voucher for the picture must submit a cop-out to the recreation
specialist listing all participants prior to 3:00 p.m. on the group photo picture day.
2. Each individual in a group photo must sign a waiver, or he will not be permitted in the photo.
3. All backdrops used will be authorized by the recreation supervisor.
4. Clothing is mandatory and will be worn in the manner designed: No torn or altered clothing; pant legs will not be rolled up;
and only authorized head gear. No obscene gestures will be permitted.
5. No hand signs of any type will be displayed.
6. Ifhats are worn, they must be kept straight and forward.
7. No pictures will be permitted with support shorts showing. (Clothing cannot have any insignia or art work on it.)
8. Hobby craft projects cannot be taken with the inmate, nor will retakes be authorized.
9. No pictures will be authorized with reading material.
10. Pictures will be taken during the following hours in the recreation entryway only:
Friday evenings: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. (completed hobby craft)
Saturday evenings: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (individual photos)
Sunday evenings: 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (group photos)

Picture retakes will only be authorized by the recreation supervisor or hislher designee. Reasons for retakes will be limited to the
following conditions:

1. Discoloration of picture.
2. Scratch on the negative causing a line or distortion of the picture.
3. Picture is so dark that the person cannot be identified.
Recommendations: For a good, clean photograph, a picture should be taken from the waist up. An entire body exposure takes the
flash further away, thus not allowing the flash to light up the facial features.
The following rules apply to taking pictures in the visiting room: No inmate group pictures will be permitted, excluding family
relations or authorized visitors.
1. No spouse or significant others are permitted to sit on your lap.
2. Inmates are not permitted to take photos with another’s visitors, nor will the visitors be permitted to take pictures
with another inmate’s visitors.
3. No obscene body gestures or moves, (i.e., hands in pants).
4. No hand signs of any type will be permitted.
5. No kissing or deep embrace hugging is permitted in photos, only a face-to-face with 1 inch of space in
between; the inmate is permitted to put the arm over the visitor’s shoulders provided both hands are in full view of
the camera.
6. Inmates taking pictures with large visitor groups will be in the front and to the side with both hands in full view.
7. Groping or deep embracement of your spouse or significant other will not be permitted.
8. Clothing will be worn in the manner designated.
9. Pictures will only be taken in the designated areas.
10. Inmates are responsible for their visitors and must insure that the visitors are following the rules.
11. Small children under the age of 10 are allowed to sit on the lap or to be held in your arms during a photo.
Pictures will be taken in the visiting room during the following hours: Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
No pictures will be authorized to be taken which is not outlined in these rules. Pictures are to be taken in good taste. A family
oriented setting is appropriate. Any picture deemed inappropriate or which violates any of the above rules will be confiscated, and
the individual responsible will face disciplinary action.

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