FCI Fairton Educational Programs

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Education and Recreation Programs

The education and recreation staff take great pride in providing professional services through lifelong learning programs. Inmates have the unique opportunity of enrolling in many interesting and dynamic courses. Should any questions remain after reading this booklet, inmates are encouraged to direct their inquiries to the supervisor of education or the education representative assigned to the inmate’s respective unit team. The Education/Recreation staff hopes the inmate population finds the educational/recreational experiences to be beneficial and wish to be of the greatest possible assistance.

NOTE: Each individual inmate will receive education and recreation information during orientation week. A complete education and recreation handbook is available in the leisure library for check-out.

Education Department Schedule:

7:30 am – 3:45 pm Monday through Friday
5:00 pm – 8:15 pm Monday through Friday
7:30 am – 3:30 pm Saturday


* Education testing will take place during A&O week.*
Testing Policy

*Mandatory Literacy Program
Consistent with the Bureau of Prisons General Education Development (GED) standards, all men are required to provide proof of a verified high school diploma or must enroll in the GED program. If ABLE standardized basic skills placement test results indicate a need for basic or development instruction (scores below an 8.0 in any test area) the individual will be required to enroll for 240 class days in the GED program. Promotions in work assignments and UNICOR industrial jobs depend on meeting the literacy requirements.

Basic developmental and remedial instruction will be offered in the GED course.
The goal of GED is to provide the student with sufficient background and practice in basic skills.

Lifelong Learning Programs
N GED: General Education Development (high school equivalency certificate from a state department of education).

N ACE: Adult Continuing Education; Enrichment Programs; non-college credit.
**For a listing of current ACE classes see posted bulletin in the Education Department**

N ESL: English as a Second Language mandatory courses are provided for men who do not pass the English

Proficiency Examination (CASAS).

N VT: Vocational Training programs provide skill training in a wide variety of occupations in an effort to provide each student with a marketable skill.

N PSE: Post Secondary Education (PSE) programs are offered to men who have successfully completed a four year high school program or GED program. All PSE classes will be offered through correspondence study or the Cumberland Community College in-house program. Social Education (Pre-Release Program) – Career Counseling

This program will involve assessing strengths and weaknesses as related to new career goals, adjusting to new opportunities when released, and developing job skills.

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