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Job Assignments

All inmates are expected to maintain a regular job assignment. Many job assignments are controlled through the Inmate Performance Pay system, previously described, which provides monetary payment for work. Federal Prison Industries has a separate pay scale. Unit staff approve job changes and see that the changes are posted on the Daily Change Sheet. Food Service jobs are usually the first assignment an inmate receives and, ordinarily, an inmate remains there for a period of 90 days.

We have a significant number of inmate jobs in factories operated by Federal Prison Industries, also known as UNICOR. A waiting list for factory employment will be maintained.

UNICOR employs and trains inmates through the operation of and earnings from factories producing high quality products and services for the federal government. Some examples of products and services UNICOR produces are electronic cable assemblies, executive and systems furniture, metal pallet racks, stainless steel food service equipment, mattresses, towels, utility bags, brooms, data entry, signs, and printing. UNICOR earnings fund other inmate programs as well as pre-industrial training to prepare inmates for employment. Federal Prison Industries is a wholly owned government corporation established in the District of Columbia in 1934 under Acts of Congress and an Executive Order. The trade name “UNICOR” will be used often to identify Federal Prison Industries,Inc.The primary missions of UNICOR are to: 1) employ as many inmates as possible in contemporary productive labor, 2) provide industrial labor to inmates at the entry level or for enhancement of their capabilities in skilled and semi-skilled occupations, and 3)remain financially self-supporting in meeting the financial needs for facilities/equipment modernization and improvements.

Fairton’s UNICOR

A cable and battery factory is in operation at FCI Fairton. The following positions for inmates are available: production workers, quality assurance inspectors, office accounting contracting clerks, and job quote clerks. Approximately 175 inmates will be employed in the cable factory. Interested workers should contact their respective counselor in order to obtain a UNICOR Work Application. Upon completion of the application, the inmate will be placed on the waiting list.

Food Service Employment:

The pay for Food Service work details range from maintenance pay to a grade one at .40 cents an hour. The pay raises are based on your work performance and job position. You may receive bonuses, although they are not guaranteed. If you are in FRP Refuse status, you will automatically receive maintenance pay. If you do not have a high school diploma or GED, you will be grade restricted to a grade 4. All inmate workers who work in Food Service must be medically cleared through the Health Services Department.

Work Assignments and Work Reports

As you finish your orientation period, your Unit Team will assign you to a work detail based, primarily, on institution need. All newly arrived inmates who are medically cleared will be expected to work in the Food Service Department during their initial 90 days of work. Upon completion of the 90 days, you will be placed to a permanent detail, a training program, or a combination of both. Factors considered in determining specific work assignments are your physical condition, education level, previous work experience, general aptitude, ability to benefit from training, and plans for the future. Some of the jobs available are:

Food Service: Cooks, bakers, salad men, orderlies, dishwasher operators, and clerks.

Facilities: Electricians, plumbers, cement finishers, masons, mechanics, welders, painters, carpenters, motor repairmen,
laborers, and clerks.

Health Services Unit: Orderlies, clerks, and technical assistants.
Education: Librarians, clerks, teacher’s aides (bi-lingual).
Clothing Room: Clerks and clothing dispensers.
Safety & Sanitation: Sanitation workers.
UNICOR Positions: Production, warehouse, clerks, sanitation, procurement clerks, accountant clerks, quality assurance inspectors, etc…
Other: Laundry, landscape, garage, warehouse workers, commissary, etc…

Job changes are made by the unit team when there is a justifiable need. Ordinarily, an inmate will be on a job 90 days before being considered for a job change. UNICOR will advise the team with regard to job assignments or changes requested. UNICOR job changes, either entering or leaving the factory, will become effective on Monday of each week.

Pay sheets detailing your hours of work will be completed every month for Performance Pay. Additionally, reports evaluating your work performance will be prepared by your supervisor at least every 90 days. In UNICOR, semi-annual evaluations are generated.

Performance Pay

Each inmate is eligible for pay for satisfactory work performed, based upon grade level for the particular job established by his work supervisor. Ordinarily, you may be awarded Performance Pay at the rate of $.12 to $.40 per hour of satisfactory work performed, depending on the designated grade level. There are four pay grades utilized in the Bureau of Prisons (Grade 1: $.40/hour; Grade 2: $.29/hour; Grade 3: $.17/hour; and Grade 4: $.12/hour). Maintenance Pay, which is $5.25 per month, is also utilized for certain work details. The higher pay grades, such as Grades 1 & 2 are limited. Any pay problems should be discussed with your work supervisor. Inmates who refuse to participate in the Financial Responsibility Program (FRP) or the required 40 Hour Drug Education Program will be held to Maintenance Pay level. You must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent to earn a grade higher than grade 4.

Inmates employed by UNICOR earn pay at higher rates, from $.23 to $1.15 per hour, depending on skill level achieved and satisfactory work performance. Inmates who refuse to demonstrate financial responsibility while employed in UNICOR will be fired. Inmates
employed by UNICOR are required to pay at least 50% of their pay each month to their financial obligations if above a Grade 5 level.

Payments are deposited to your trust fund account the first of the month after it is earned.
Factors considered in awarding pay are dependability, motivation, resourcefulness, and job performance. Pay bonuses are available for both UNICOR and non-UNICOR work assignments. Bonuses are awarded at the discretion of your work supervisor with concurrence from the department head.

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