FCI Fairton Inmate Money and Commissary

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Inmate funds are retained by the institution in a Trust Fund, from which the inmate may withdraw money for personal spending in the
institution Commissary, family support, or other approved purposes. Accumulated institutional earnings and moneys sent from outside
are given to the inmate upon release or may be mailed home. Fairton uses a point-of-sale computerized commissary withdrawal system
that simplifies purchasing and gives the inmates an improved, up-to-date record of all account activity.
The commissary access time for inmates in each unit is scheduled on a rotating basis. The schedule is posted in the unit and on the
commissary item sheet. It is the inmate’s responsibility to know the amount of money available in his commissary account. Inmates may
check on the balance in their account via a written request or by utilizing their inmate commissary card and PIN by accessing the
centralized terminal.
Commissary lists must be turned in at the Commissary between the hours of 11:00 am and 12:30 pm on the day you are assigned to shop.
A number will be assigned and the top portion of the commissary list will be returned to you as a receipt. This must be brought with you
when your number is called to shop.
Borrowing commissary items from other inmates will not be tolerated. The purchase of radios and watches requires a form completed by
the Counselor and routed to the Commissary.
Spending Limitations
Inmates are permitted to spend up to $290.00 each month (subject to change dependent on national policy) for all purchases. The only
items that are excluded from this spending limitation are stamps, phone credits and computer/trulincs. The population is divided into four
groups, according to inmate register number, for the purpose of resetting the spending limit. The spending limit will be reset once per
month. A schedule with exact dates of revalidation will be posted on the Commissary bulletin board quarterly.



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