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Health Services
The overall Bureau health care delivery system includes local medical facilities, as well as the major medical facilities. FCI Fairton is
a Joint Commission of Accredited Health Care Organization (JCAHO) which provides local ambulatory care. Health Services Staff is
in the institution from 5:45 am through 11:45 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7:30 am through 11:15 pm on weekends and holidays.
A mid-level practitioner is on call during the hours no one is assigned to the institution. EMS (911) will be activated in any lifethreatening

Sick Call Procedures: Obtain a Sick Call Sign-up form from your Unit Officer or Health Services Staff. Complete the form and take it
to the Health Services Department box located by the Pharmacy between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. All sick call triage forms
will be collect every day. After filling out the Sick Call Form, you will be evaluated by a member of the medical staff. The date and
time of your appointment will be determined by the triage medical staff member and your Primary Care Provider, based upon your
complaint and their medical assessment of your condition. This date can range from one day to two weeks. Your name will be place
on the call-out for your scheduled appointment.
Be advised, you will not be evaluated by medical staff without a completed Sign-up Form. The only exception will be for Medical
Emergencies/injuries, and these need to be reported by your housing unit officer or work supervisor immediately. If you require refills
on medication/prescriptions, it is your responsibility to sign up at least three working days prior to your refill expiration date. A
MLP/RN is available to sign up for urgent or emergency cases in health services between 6:15 am to 6:30 am. For any questions
concerning the new medical access procedures please contact a Health Services representative.
Inmates who become ill after the regular Sick Call appointment sign-up period should ask their respective work supervisor or Unit
Officer to call the HSU for an appointment.
Inmates in detention or segregation are unable to sign up for this procedure. For that reason, a medical staff member tours this housing
unit at least once a day for Sick Call and dispensing medication. Camp inmates will sign up for Sick Call and be escorted to dental or
medical when necessary.
Appointments for other medical evaluations, tests, clinics (such as eye exams, dental, blood work, physician visits, etc…) will be
scheduled via the institution Call-out system. Call-outs are posted each day on the Unit bulletin boards after 4:00 pm, on the day
preceding the appointment. It is the inmate’s responsibility to check for appointments on a daily basis; all scheduled appointments are
to be kept. Failure to keep a Call-out appointment will result in disciplinary action.
Inmate Co-payment Program: The Inmate Co-payment Program applies to anyone in an institution under the BOP’s jurisdiction.
You must pay a fee of $2.00 if you receive health care services in connection with a health care visit that you requested except for:
health care services based on health care staff referrals, health care staff approved follow-up treatment for a chronic condition,
preventive health care services, emergency services, diagnosis or treatment of infectious diseases, mental health care or substance
abuse treatment. The requested appointments also include Sick Call and after hours requests to see a health care provider. The co-pay
is charged to your Inmate Commissary Account. Additionally, you must pay a fee of $2.00 for health care services, per visit, if you are
found responsible through the Disciplinary Hearing Process to have injured an inmate who, as the result of the injury, requires a health
care visit.
If you are considered indigent (an indigent inmate is an inmate who has not had a trust fund account balance of $6.00 for the past 30
days), you will not have the co-payment fee deducted from your inmate Commissary Account. If you are not indigent, but do not have
the sufficient funds to make the co-payment fee on the date of the appointment, a debt will be established by TRUFACS, and the
amount will be deducted as funds are deposited into your inmate commissary account.
Emergency Medical Treatment
In the event that you become extremely ill (a true emergency), or have an accident which requires IMMEDIATE medical attention, you
are to notify your staff supervisor, or the closest staff member, who will then contact Health Services staff for instructions.
All athletic injuries are to be reported to Recreation staff at the time of injury. Failure to so may result in disciplinary action.
Medical coverage on evenings, weekends, and holidays is for the treatment of medical emergencies only. Medical staff are on duty
seven days a week.
Medications – Pill Line
Medication is distributed through the pharmacy located in the HSU. Inmates may receive medications in several ways; open pill lines
shall be conducted 6:45 am, 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Those inmates employed by UNICOR may only attend the 6:45 am pill line.

Routine prescription medications will be issued to inmates in designated quantities as instructed by the prescriber. The health care
provider or pharmacist will issue the inmate a one-time medication pass, which will indicate the time the inmate is to return to pick up
his medication.
**Patient education on medications is available upon request with the pharmacy**
Controlled medications and certain other drugs will be issued only on a dose-by-dose basis and must be taken at the pharmacy window
in full view of the person dispensing the drug. This is called “pill line medication.” Inmates receiving medication in this manner will
be issued a medication pass with the appropriate items circled. Inmates are, again, reminded to carry their ID cards at all times.
All issued medication will have an expiration date. Should the medication issued have authorized refills, the prescription must be
refilled prior to the expiration date. Once the medication has expired, it can only be renewed by making a Sick Call appointment.
Medication bottles having a refill may be dropped off at the first morning pill line, Monday through Friday, and picked up at the time
which is circled on the one time medication pass. Expired medication must be returned to the pharmacy. Inmates may not retain
medication beyond its expiration date.
Over -The- Counter (OTC) Medication
You will purchase OTC medications from the Commissary with your personal funds, unless you are determined to be indigent (without
funds). The Pharmacy will supply you will the medication if you are determined to be indigent. The Commissary will be open for the
purchase of OTC medications from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. OTC medications can also be purchased on
your normal shopping night.

Dental Sick Call is for emergency care only, such as toothaches, abscesses, temporary/permanent fillings, etc… For dental Sick Call,
inmates are to follow the same procedures as medical Sick Call sign-up.
Inmates designated to FCI Fairton are eligible to obtain routine dental treatment, such as temporary/permanent fillings, dentures,
cleanings, etc…, these requests are to me made via Cop-Out. In the Cop-Out, please specify the nature of your request. All
appointments, except those made through Sick Call, will be scheduled on the institution Call-out. Inmates must keep their
appointments or risk disciplinary action. Inmates not designated to FCI Fairton are eligible to receive only emergency care. During
the medical A&O lecture, ample time will be allotted to answer additional questions or concerns.
General Medical Information
All new inmates in the Bureau of Prisons will received a complete physical and dental examination (including immunizations,
laboratory tests and chest x-ray) as part of the A&O process. Transfers from other Bureau facilities may not require the entire
examination. The medical files of those individuals will be reviewed and only those evaluations which were not completed at another
facility will be completed at FCI Fairton. All inmates over the age of 50 are eligible for a complete physical on a yearly basis. Those
inmates under the age of 50 are eligible for a complete physical once every two years. Inmates are also eligible for a release physical
approximately six weeks prior to the projected release date if it has been one year since the last physical. Physicals are to be requested
from HSU staff via a Cop-Out. Inmates are instructed to check the institution Call-outs for the date and time of the physical.
Infectious Diseases
A. AIDS — information will be provided during the A&O period. Additional educational and update sessions on this subject will
be made available to inmates throughout their respective incarcerations.
B. Tuberculosis (TB) Screening — annual TB screening is conducted on all the inmates at FCI Fairton. This consists of either
PPD skin test (by Mantoux method), a chest x-ray, or both (CDC TB guidelines).
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On-the-Job Injuries
If an inmate is injured while performing an assigned duty, he must immediately report this injury to his work supervisor. The work
supervisor will then report the injury to the institution safety manager and the HSU to complete an Inmate Injury Report (form BP-
362). The inmate may be disqualified from eligibility for lost-time wages or compensation if he fails to report a work injury promptly
to the supervisor.
If injured while performing an assigned duty and the inmate expects to be impaired to some degree, he may submit a claim for
compensation. A medical evaluation must be included in the claim before any compensation can be considered.
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program
The Health Services Department, in conjunction with other departments within the institution, offers numerous programs to enhance
inmate health and knowledge of health-related issues. Programs include but are not limited to: educational material and videos, blood
pressure and blood sugar screenings, smoking cessation classes, drug and alcohol abuse programs, physical fitness and stress and anger
management. Any inmates interested in participating in any of these programs should submit a Cop-Out to the health services

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