FCI Fairton Visitation

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Visiting Inmates are encouraged to have visits in order to maintain family and community ties. Visiting hours are from 8:15 am to 3:15 pm Thursday through Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday will be non-visiting days. It is the inmate’s responsibility to advise their prospective visitors of the visiting hours.

No visitors will be allowed to initially enter the institution for a visit after 2:30 pm. Visiting will be limited to a nine-point basis each month. Regular day visits, regardless of length, will count as one full point. Weekend and holiday visits, regardless of length, will count as three points. The monthly total as previously stated may not exceed nine points. Additional monthly points may be awarded based on exceptional circumstances as approved by the Associate Warden of Programs. The Federal Prison Camp has visiting on Saturday, Sunday and holidays which count as two points each. New inmates will be asked to submit a visiting list which will be given to their respective Counselor for processing. At FCI Fairton, immediate family members are no longer placed on the visiting list without first undergoing a background check. Only those individuals with cleared backgrounds will be placed on an inmate’s visiting list. A common-law spouse will usually be treated as an immediate family member if the common-law relationship has previously been established in a state which recognizes such a status. Requests for approval of additional visitors should be made to the Unit Team at least four weeks in advance of the intended visit. Holdover inmates will be limited to immediate family on their visiting list. All visits will begin and end in the visiting room. Kissing, embracing, and handshaking are allowed only upon arrival and departure. Inmates must be properly dressed in order to be admitted to the Visiting Room. Clothing must be neat and clean. Khaki shirts, trousers, and institution-issued shoes are the only appropriate attire (with the exception of inmates in the special housing unit) authorized for wear in the Visiting Room. FCI Fairton has a specific limit on the number and type of articles that can be taken into the Visiting Room. Approved items that can be taken into the Visiting Room are as follows: prescription eyeglasses, keys (without remote devices), clear diaper bags and clear change purses . Visitors may not give any item to the inmate to take back into the institution.

Items purchased in the Visiting Room may not be brought back into the institution by the inmate. Visitors must be properly dressed. Short shorts, halter tops, and other clothing of a suggestive or revealing nature will not be permitted in the Visiting Room. Footwear must be worn by all visitors.

Identification of Visitors Identification is required for visitors. The types of appropriate identification include: a current state driver’s license or state-issued ID card with full names and signatures affixed. At least one piece of identification must be a photo I.D. Birth certificates are not considered proper identification. Persons without proper identification will not be permitted to visit. Visitors may be asked to submit to a search and will be checked with a metal detector. Visitors’ purses, attorneys’ briefcases, etc… will also be searched. Other personal articles belonging to visitors must be placed in the lockers provided by the institution or may be left in their vehicles. Visitors are permitted to take money ($5.00 bills, $1.00 bills and change only) into the Visiting Room to purchase items from the vending machines. Also, a reasonable amount of diapers and other infant care items and sanitary items may be taken into the Visiting Room. No food can be taken into the Visiting Room. Inmates are not allowed to receive either coins or money for their commissary account while in the Visiting Room. Money for commissary accounts should be sent through the mail to Lockbox. No items may be exchanged in the Visiting Room. Children 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and must be closely supervised at all times. Unruly, disruptive behavior on the part of children may result in the termination of the visit. Children may not bring toys or other personal items into the visiting room. No strollers, high chairs or other juvenile furniture may be brought into the visiting room. Inmates may enroll in the Parenting Program, through Education, which will entitle them to request the use of the Parenting Room with their child/children for one hour increments on a first come, first served basis. Upon the attainment of age 17, children must be submitted for placement on the Visiting List. Special Visits for Family Emergencies Requests for special visits for family emergencies must be requested by the inmate in writing via an Inmate Request to a Staff Member. The legitimacy of the request will be evaluated and investigated by the Unit Team. The request will be forwarded to the Associate Warden for review and approval.

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