FCI Florence Attorney and Legal Services

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Attorney Phone Calls

If an attorney desires to speak to you, the attorney will contact unit staff via written correspondence or telephone and request that the inmate return the call. Legal calls placed on staff phones will not be monitored. Attorney calls will not normally be restricted if legitimacy can be verified and attorney/client procedures listed above are adhered to. You must provide documentation of an imminent court deadline or justify why written correspondence is not sufficient. Attorney calls will be approved in advance by the unit team and it will be the unit team’s responsibility to assist you with such calls. Legal calls made on the TRUFONE System are recorded automatically. If an inmate places a legal call on the TRUFONE System, he is authorizing the Bureau of Prisons to monitor the call.

Attorney Visits

Attorneys should ordinarily make advance appointments for each visit. Attorneys are encouraged to visit during the regular visiting hours. Attorney visit will be subject to visual monitoring, but not audio monitoring. Contact your Unit Team to arrange an attorney visit. During attorney visits, a reasonable amount of legal materials may be allowed in the visiting area with prior approval. Legal material may be transferred during attorney visits, but is subject to inspection for contraband. This material will be treated in a similar manner as the special mail procedures described below. You are expected to handle the transfer of legal materials through the mail as often as possible.

Legal Federal Tort Claims

If the negligence of institution staff results in personal injury or property loss or damage to an inmate, such actions can be the basis of a claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act. To file such a claim, inmates must complete a Standard Form 95. This form can be obtained from your Unit Team.

Law Library

Law Library and materials in the law library may not be removed from the building. Electric typewriters are available in the law library for legal use only, on a first come first served basis. Typewriter ribbons and correction ribbons are sold through the Commissary. Procedures for check-out of books with the inmate law clerk are as follows: Fill out required information on the form provided and submit it to the inmate Law Clerk. The books will be issued after notation of the books condition has been made. Your completing and signing the sheet, acknowledges that it will be returned in good condition. Typewriters are checked out from the inmate Law Clerk as well. Once again, the condition of the typewriters are noted, and it will be returned in the same working order. A photo-copy machine is available and requires a vending card, with funds, in order to operate. This machine is for inmate use only, and if damaged may result in unwanted down time.


You are prohibited from obtaining or possessing Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Financing Statement (lien) and attendant forms, documents, and materials. You are further prohibited from possessing any documents, letters, papers, etc., that contain personal information, including but not limited to home addresses, home telephone numbers, social security numbers, financial information, deed information, etc., of any federal or state government official, including but not limited to Bureau of Prisons’ staff, United States Attorneys, Assistant United States Attorneys, judges, governors, and agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms. If you are found to be in possession of these types of documents or information, the materials will be confiscated as hard contraband, the correct law enforcement agency will be notified as appropriate, and incident reports will be written as appropriate.

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