FCI Florence Correspondence

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The ISM Department consists oftheMail Room, Receiving and Discharge R&D, and the Records Office.
Committed Name/Register Number Federal Correctional Complex (Medium)
Post Office Box 6000 Florence, Colorado 81226

If this information is not on your letters, they will be returned to you. All incoming mail for the inmate population must be received through the United States Post Office. This includes all letter mail and packages. You are not allowed to correspond with inmates confined at otherfederal institutions without prior written approval by the Unit Manager of each inmate at each facility. Correspondence with inmates confined in non-federal institutions, requires prior written approval by the Warden at each facility.
Incoming legal/special mail must be clearly marked “Special Mail- Open only in the Presence ofthe Inmate”. This will avoid possible opening and screening as general mail. Mail is treated in accordance with the United States Postal Service Regulations. The BOP Program Statement on Correspondence and the Mail Management Manual are on file in the law library. Mail is delivered Monday through Friday after the 4 p.m. count in each housing unit by the Unit Officer. On Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays, there is no mail delivery. Incoming mail is opened and inspected. The ISM Department will contact you if you have legal mail and/or accountable mail. You may receive hard cover publications directly from the publisher, a bookstore, or a book club. The package must be marked “Paperback book enclosed or Authorized Reading Material:, per BOP policy. Newspapers are allowed to be received by subscription only. All postage requirements are your responsibility. Postage stamps are to be purchased through the commissary and cannot be received through the mail.


The TRUFONE System is a debiUcoliect system. Credits for debit calls may be purchased via the inmate telephone after 4:00 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.
PAC Numbers: TRUFONE is accessed by using your personal access code (PAC) number. This PAC number is sent to you through the institutional mail the day after your arrival. Instructions on how to use the phone system are included with the PAC number. Compromised PAC numbers may be replaced at a cost of $5.00.
Telephone Numbers: You may submit a list of up to 30 numbers to be included on your telephone list using a Telephone Request Form. No numbers will be added, changed, or deleted from an Inmate Request To Staff Memberform sent to the ITS office. The form must be submitted to your unit counselor for approval. Three changes per month will be allowed. If the called party places a block on your calls and wishes to remove it, they must write a letter to the Trust Fund Supervisor requesting this action and include a copy of a recent telephone bill.
ITS Conduct: Calls during official count time and during an inmates scheduled work period are not permitted.

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