FCI Florence Educational Programs

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The Philosophy of the Education Department at FCI Florence is to provide a flexible education program curriculum in the belief that a coherent pattern of courses will help the inmate attain a perspective education that will enhance effectiveness, success and productivity as a person and a citizen. Inmates can and do change their behavior sonly when they themselves are motivated to do so. It is with these principles in mind that the education staff is personally committed, through education, to assist each inmate in attaining personal, educational, occupational and life skill goals. The Education Department supports these principles as well as those governing the occupational, recreational, and personal dimension of the inmate’s lifestyle. In fulfilling its function as a center of learning, the Education

Department offers programs and services in the following areas:
General Equivalency Diploma; English as a Second Language; Post-Secondary Education; Advanced Occupational Training-College; Vocational Education; Social Education-Life Skills; Parenting; Adult Continuing Education; Career Counseling/Release Preparation; Recreation/Leisure Activities; Library Services. FCI Florence Education Department is state accredited by the North Central Association of Schools and Colleges.

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