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The Health Services Unit at FCC Florence Medium Security Institution functions as an ambulatory outpatient clinic. Some of the services available to inmates are: Medical Sick Call/Chronic Care/Specialty Clinics, X-rays, Lab, Dental, Pharmacy, Medical Records, etc. The Medical Staff consists of physicians, dentists, mid level practitioners and medical/ administrative ancillary supporting staff. The clinic is open twenty four hours daily. Regular working hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm. A staff member is on emergency call for any problems that develop after 4:00 pm or weekends. To obtain after hours emergency services, notify a staff member of your emergency immediately. Emergency medical or dental care may be administered if an injury or illness requires emergency treatment.

Sick Call Procedures

FCI Florence: Regular Sick call sign-up will be conducted on the days and times specified below. This arrangement will afford ample time for each inmate to sign up. Each inmate must present his identification card to the Mid-Level Practitioner (MLP) before signing the sick-call list. Only under special circumstances will an inmate be authorized to sign up after specified hours (e.g., institutional emergencies, lock downs, emergency sick-call, others).

Monday thru Friday (Except Wednesdays) 6:45 am to 7:15 am Wednesdays – Administrative tasks/A&O Physical evaluations only

Special Housing Unit

Monday thru Sunday Sick Call rounds daily.
Emergency care is available 24 hours/7 days a week (you must notify the Detail or Unit Officer)
You may request to speak with the Assistant Health Systems Administrator personally by obtaining an appointmentthrough Sick Call. You may also send a Inmate Requestto Staff Member form to the AHSA for his response.

You may request an appointment with the physician. Your request will be honored if the phYSician feels its necessary and as his schedule allows or you will be given an appointment for future date.

Prevention Periodic Visits

Periodic visits are used to review the need for and receipt of preventive health care services. Criteria for these visits will be reviewed during your Admission and Orientation Examination. These services are recommended at least:
- every 3 years if you are under 50 years old (with exception of annual PPD testing, annual influenza vaccinations for certain inmates, and annual audiograms for inmates at occupational risk).
- Annually for inmates 50 years of age and older.

Medication Prescriptions

Request for prescriptions will be done by turning in empty medication containers during Early Morning pill-line 6:00 am – 6:30 am (it is mandatory that you turn in the labeled medication container for use by the pharmacist). Distribution of refill or new prescriptions will be atthenoon or afternoon pill-line. Any prescription that is necessary due to a medical appointment will be filled and dispensed to you. To Pick up prescribed medication, you must present your Identification (Inmate 10).

Controlled Medications Pill Lines

You need to present your 10 and the medication card. You must take and swallow your medication in front of the staff member. You will be asked to open your mouth to show the staff that you consume the medication before leaving the pill line window. Pill Line times are as follow:

Pill Line Times

Monday thru Friday 6:00 am to 6:30 am Monday thru Friday 11 :00 am to 12:00 (noon), prescription pickup Monday thru Sunday 4:30 pm to 4:45 pm, evening medications and insulin Saturday and Sunday 7:30 am to 8:00 am, morning pill line and insulin

Idle and Convalescence

You are restricted to your dorm room, unless you are at meals, religious services, or authorized visits. An idle cannot be written for more than 3 days without being reevaluated by the medical staff. You are not allowed recreational activities of any kind while on “IDLE” status. To lay in bed during the work day, you must have a signed medical idle slip indicating that you will be allowed to stay inbedunderyourcovers. Ifyouareallowedtobeoutandabouttheunit,youmaynotparticipate in any recreational activities other than walking. A convalescence may not be written for more than 7 days without being reevaluated by the medical staff. You will be on sports restrictions if you have been placed on any MEDICAL OFF-DUTY STATUS or WORK RESTRICTIONS.
Medical I Dental Evaluations:
Within the first 14 days of your admission into FCI Florence, you will receive a complete medical evaluation. Please watch the call-out sheet posted in the unit for your medical appointment. The following medical procedures will be covered in the medical evaluation, if indicated:

HIV Testing
Physical Examination Blood Testing
Vision Screen Urinalysis Dental Examination
Audiology test (if indicated) Stool Blood Screening (for age 50+) Electrocardiogram (for age 50+) Immunizations (ifindicated) Chest X-Ray (if indicated)
You may also request an HIV test by using the sick call routine. Occasionally, the medical staff may determinethatanHIVtestisclinicallyindicatedandyouwillbeaskedtoallowustotestyou. Ifyou refuse testing, you will be required to sign a refusal form. Results from this test will be discussed with you by the provider, you may not obtain copies of this test while you are incarcerated.
Due to your enclosed housing conditions, it is imperative that you observe strict UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS when handling any body fluids (hand washing, hygiene, etc.). While you are in our facility, you are prohibited from getting a tattoo or engaging in body piercing. You are discouraged from using any personal items oftoiletry, (such as: combs, razors, tooth brushes, toilet paper, etc.), other than the ones issued to you.

DNA Testing

Public Law 106-546 requires the BOP to obtain DNA samples from inmates convicted of qualifying federal offenses. If you are convicted, you may be notified by your unit team that your are required to provide a sample. The unit team will provide information regarding the qualifying current of past offense, the collection process, consequences of noncompliance and address any concerns regarding the implementation of this law.

Other Medical Services

Eye Glasses: You may request an eye examination if you feel you have problems with your eye sight. An eye examination may be ordered by your health care provider based on need or based on your request. If after examination by the contract Optometrist, it is determined you require prescription eye wear, a pair of standard issue eyeglasses will be provided at no expense to you. Inmates may retain their eyeglasses at admission, if they are not of an elaborate design. All such glasses are subject to inspection for contraband. An inmate desiring more than one pair of glasses, or a different style than those provided by the Bureau, may request a copy of his eyeglass prescription and work with unit staff to procure eyeglasses from one of the approved eyeglass vendors. Only eyeglasses received from one of the approved vendors will be allowed in this institution. The value of the eyeglasses cannot exceed $100.00.

Reading glasses are available for purchase in the commissary. The Medical Records staff have sample reading glasses for you to try on to help you determine the proper strength. You may report to Health Services during sick call hours to try on the reading glasses.

Contact lenses are not allowed in this institution unless they are “medically necessary,” as determined by the consultant Optometrist and staff physician.

If you arrive at this institution with contact lenses, you must first be medically evaluated to determine if the lenses are medically necessary. If they are not determined “medically necessary,” you will be scheduled for an examination for eyeglasses. Once the eyeglasses are received, you will be directed to send your contact lenses home. Contact lenses solutions may be made available for purchase in the commissary.

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