FCI Forrest City Low Personal Property

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Personal and government issued property will be limited to
items which can be stored neatly and safely in your personal
locker. There will be no accumulation of excessive property
which would constitute a fire hazard. The authorized
institutional radio is the head phone walkman type.
A list of personal property items is identified in the Institution
Supplement. Items not on this list will be mailed out of the
institution or disposed of as contraband. Questions in this area
should be referred to your Unit Team. Approved legal
reference materials must not exceed two (2) cubic feet and
must be placed neatly in your personal locker.

The value of accumulated commissary items may not exceed
your monthly spending limitation.
You afe not pennitted to have currency in any form (cash or
coins). You may have sixty (60) first class stamps in your
possession. Inmates are subject to disciplinary action for
violation of this policy.

If you are placed in Administrative Detention, all items of
personal property, issued clothing and shoes will be
inventoried by the Unit Officer. Inventoried property will be
given to the Special Housing Unit Officer who will sign a
receipt for the property. This property will be held in the
property room of the Special Housing Unit until you are

Electronic Translators are not allowed.

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