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Roles of Religious Services Staff: Religious Services
provides pastoral care to institutional staff and inmates. The
Chaplains have an Open Door policy for personal counseling.
If you need to visit with any of the Chaplains, please stop by
the Chapel.

Since we realize that you may be more comfortable with
someone of your specific faith, Religious Services contracts
clergy from the various religious faiths. Additionally, the
Religious Services staff will have connnunity volunteers to
assist you with your particular religious needs. A Religious
Services schedule will be updated periodically and posted in
the Chapel, in Recreation, Education and on unit bulletin
boards. Please note that all religious group meetings will
take place in the Chapel.

Pastoral Care Offered: Please inform your family, friends
and significant others to call the institution at (870)630-6000
(Low) and (870)494-4200 (Medium) to report any and all
emergencies. You will be notified only after the
information/emergency has been confirmed by the Chaplain.

Please tell your family, friends and significant others to give
as much details when calling with an emergency situation.
The Chapel has the following services available to minates:
religious library (books, videos, and cassettes); and free
literature (newspapers, devotionals, and journals).

Religious items will be purchased through approved vendors.
In rare situations, hard to fmd mandatory religious items, may
be acquired by spa through approved BOP venders upon the
approval of a chaplain. This includes, but is not limited to,
heard wear, medallions, medicine pouches, and the like.

Hobby craft items must be mailed home per recreation policy.

No item, made in hobby craft into religious articles, may be
maintained in the institution.

If your religious faith requires you to wear a particular piece
of headwear you will need to see a Chaplain. All headwear
must be listed on your “Property Form”. All Religious items
should be maintained in a proper manner in the units. Inmate
lockers are the proper storage place for individual Religious
items. Prayer rugs, religious head wear, medallions and the
like should not be displayed, for decorative purposes, on beds
or on the floor.

If you are in need ofa religious diet, the Alternative Diet
Program is available for you. This consists of two
components. The two components are the “no flesh diet” and
the “certified processed food line.” If interested, please stop
by the Chaplain’s office for more information.

If you would like an opportunity for spiritual growth and
deepening your religious roots, Religious services provides a
program at: FeI Milan, MI; FCI Petersburg, VA; FCI; and
USP Leavenworth, KS that will help you succeed. The Life
Connection Program is designed to contribute to personal
transfonnation and reduced recidivism. Inmates will
participate in religious specific, and inter-faith and social
responsibility program components. In addition, the program
is designed to increase religious tolerance and respect among
participating inmates; connect inmates with spiritual mentors
at the program site, and link participants with a faith
community at their release destination in order to enhance
community reintegration. This program is open to inmates of
all faiths or those still seeking a spiritual grounding.

Orientation for the Life Connections Program will be held
once a month at a time in the Chapel posted throughout the
units on the Chapel bulletin boards.

Religious Rights

Religious Rights: It is your right to practice your chosen
faith. It is important to practice your faith responsibly. The
Chaplains are here to facilitate the ability of the inmates to
practice their chosen faith. No one may disparage the
religious beliefs of an inmate, nor coerce or harass an inmate
to change religious affiliation. If you decide to change your
personal Religious Preference at any time, please submit a
“Cop-Out” to Chaplain. Attendance at all religious activities
is voluntary. We hope that you will make use of the services
offered at FCl Forrest City.
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